da|ra is the registration agency for social science and economic data jointly run by GESIS and ZBW.


What we do

In keeping with the ideals of good scientific practice there is a demand for open access to existing primary data so as to not only have the final research results but also be able to reconstruct the entire research process. GESIS and ZBW therefore offer a registration service for social and economic research data.

This infrastructure lays the foundation for long-term, persistent identification, storage, localization and reliable citation of research data.


The GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and the ZBW (Leibniz Information Centre for Economics) have been early members of DataCite, and the joint DOI registration service da|ra has been in operation since 2010. Even though the change of the membership model of DataCite GESIS and ZBW have decided to continue the service and set up the da|ra Consortium in 2020, it was built from the former da|ra users. GESIS has the lead and represents the Consortium in DataCite.
DataCite organizes the administration of prefixes and the connection to the International DOI Foundation (IDF). Suffixes are generated by da|ra in conjunction with the consortium organizations and specified in the service level agreement / consortium agreement / cooperation contract.



GESIS is an infrastructure institution for the social sciences whose purpose is to promote social science research.

The focus of offered services is on collecting research data and making them available. GESIS conducts research in the areas of survey methodology, applied computer science, research data management, contemporary societal issues and at their interfaces.

Founded in 1986 as a registered association (e.V.) GESIS is a member of the Leibniz association.

GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences


The ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics is the world’s largest research infrastructure for economic literature.

The vision guiding research at the ZBW: the development of internet-based working environments to support excellence in economic research.

The ZBW is part of the Leibniz association and since 2007 a foundation. It is affiliated with the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.

ZBW – German National Library of Economics, Leibniz Information Centre for Economics


Start in 2010

The service began in 2010 as a GESIS pilot project for developing and testing the technical and organizational concept of DOI registration. This service has been available online as of July 23rd, 2010 and by the end of that year the entire holdings of the GESIS Data Archive had been registered. Since 2011 (extension phase) the registration service has been available for other research data centers and data producers. In cooperation with the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW) the service was extended to economic data in this phase. During the establishing phase (2013-2014) the focus was on developing value-added services (user statistics, registration of other resource types) within da|ra.

da|ra has been supported by two DFG grants from June 2011 until September 2018.


Since September 2014 da|ra is developing its services.

One of the projects aimed at establishing an integrated search network for social and economic research data that enables users to search up-to-date references of data holdings on an international basis and in a comfortable way. The holistic project developed an integrated service for data providers as well as secondary data users by focusing on the development of co-operations, the automation of processes, international connectability, reusability, and sustainability of all its components.

The developed search index is integrated in the GESIS search facility search.gesis.org/gws

Our users

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