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  • International Social Survey Programme: Work Orientation III - ISSP 2005

    Gibson, Rachel (The Australian National University, Australia); Wilson, Shaun (Macquarie University, Australia); Dimova, Lilia (Agency for Social Analyses (ASA), Sofia, Bulgaria); Pammett, Jon (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada); Papageorgiou, Bambos (Center of Applied Research (CAR), Cyprus College, Nicosia, Cyprus) ...(62 more)
    Attitude to work. Work orientation and description of work contents. Topics: Preferred time budget for selected activities such as work, leisure time etc.; work orientation; importance of selected demands of a job (scale); preference for being self-employed or being an employe...
    published 2007-09-12, Version 1.0.0
  • International Social Survey Programme 2004: Citizenship (ISSP 2004)

    Wilson, Shaun (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia); Gibson, Rachel (ACSPRI Centre for Social Research (ACSR) Research School of Social Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia); Haller, Max (Institute of Sociology, University of Graz, Austria); Hoellinger, Franz (Institute of Sociology, University of Graz, Austria); Hadler, Markus (Institute of Sociology, University of Graz, Austria) ...(84 more)
    Citizen and state. Topics: Qualities of a good citizen; attitude toward the right of public meetings for religious extremists, people who want to over throw the government by force, or people prejudiced against any racial or ethnic group; social and political participation; me...
    published 2007-04-25, Version 1.2.0
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