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  • NUBBEK - National Survey on Education, Care, and Development in Early Childhood

    Tietze, Wolfgang (PädQUIS gGmbH, Berlin); Becker-Stoll, Fabienne (Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik, München); Bensel, Joachim (Forschungsgruppe Verhaltensbiologie, Kandern); Haug-Schnabel, Gabriele (Forschungsgruppe Verhaltensbiologie, Kandern); Kalicki, Bernhard (Deutsches Jugendinstitut, München) ...(2 more)
    Pedagogical Quality in the German early education system (familial and non-familial) NUBBEK offers an empirical basis to study the care and education within and outside of the family for two- (n = 1242) and four-year old children (n = 714). 27 Percent of all sampled children g...
    published 2015-07-20, Version 3.0.0
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