Women in Science 1987

Zentralinstitut für Hochschulbildung, Berlin
Situation in work and life, capacity to achieve and achievement readiness of women scientists. Topics: Importance of work; branch of science of course of study; high school graduation grade; agreement of desired studies and direction; year and grade of college degree; interest...
published 1987, Version 1.0.0

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Women in Science 1987

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Zentralinstitut fuer Hochschulbildung, Berlin



Sampled Universe
Female scientific colleagues and college instructors from all areas of science except for medicine and education.

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  • Cross-section

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  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
  • Mail survey

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  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 1908
    Number of Variables: 311


  • Abstract

    Situation in work and life, capacity to achieve and achievement readiness of women scientists. Topics: Importance of work; branch of science of course of study; high school graduation grade; agreement of desired studies and direction; year and grade of college degree; interest in and reasons for remaining in the college system; length of the activity; interruptions of activity; deployment in practice and obstacles for this; taking up an activity in the college system again; motives for taking up activity; employment group as PhD candidate; deployment abroad and occupational development; deployment abroad and obstacles for this; interest in activities such as apprenticeships, counseling, education, research, social activity, management, organization of research; looking after scientific student circles, seminars and lectures; support of student jobs; seminar group counselor; work with young scientists; proportion of teaching and counseling duties in study year; success experiences in teaching, in research and with other duties; working on a research task and its research category; social function; frequency of presentation of personal scientific developments in various committees, conferences and journals; forms of result achieved; scientific activities in comparison with male colleagues; management function; reasons against exercising a management function; readiness for change of activity; regular scientific contacts with colleagues, other colleges, institutions outside of the university, research and development departments in industry, other areas of society and foreign countries; necessary qualification level; agreement of area of science of doctorate and current activity; occupation characteristics; achievement goals; women support plan; women commission; women and scientific activity (scale); occupational demands in comparison with men; dissertation A; dissertation B; facultas dozendi; dissertation topic; manner of selection of dissertation topic; year of completion of doctorate A; doctor degree earned; duration of work on dissertation A; final grade; information about international status of topic area; difficulties with foreign technical literature; assessment of result and usefulness of dissertation (scale); qualification contract and its influence on course of work; continuity of one's own scientific development; inclusion in cadre program; restricting factors for qualification for doctorate B (scale); readiness to accept a B candidacy; start of work on dissertation B; age at defense of dissertation B; use of a candidacy; support by work collective; employment and qualification of partner; attitude of partner to scientific work; number and ages of children; care of children in case of illness; continuing qualification during paid time off after birth of a child; readiness of partner to use paid time off and reaction of work collective of partner; goals in life such as occupation, research, children, friends, social activity, part-time employment, partnership, work collective, one-family house, car, weekend property, newly-built apartment; opportunity to work at home; necessity of a legally prescribed level of working hours for highest scientific achievements; use of time beyond working hours; share of housework; leisure time in comparison to partner; hobby; preferred leisure activities; degree of burden from social work, housing conditions, extent of work, time for friends, children, partner, for one's own research and for cultural activities; possibility of participation in social events outside of working hours; awards; party membership; college; branch of science of subject area.


Temporal Coverage

  • 1987

Geographic Coverage

  • German Democratic Republic (1949-1990) (DDDE)


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  • ZA6448 (Type: ZA-No.)


  • Hildebrandt, K.: Wissenschaftlerinnen im Hochschulwesen der DDR. In: Berichte und Informationen zur Hochschulentwicklung. ZHB. Berlin 1989. GESIS-Außenstelle, Bereich Zentralarchiv: FOB-981.

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