Professional Knowledge in the Natural Sciences: Chemistry (ProwiN)

Tepner, Oliver; Sumfleth, Elke; Dollny, Sabrina; Strübe, Martina; Tröger, Holger ...(1 more)
In the ProwiN-project, pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), content knowledge (CK) and pedagogical knowledge (PK) of teachers in biology, chemistry and physics were analyzed. A theoretical model for CK, PCK and PK was created. CK does not only mean factual knowledge, but addit...
published 2019-06-03, Version 1

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Professional Knowledge in the Natural Sciences: Chemistry (ProwiN)


Tepner, Oliver
Sumfleth, Elke
Dollny, Sabrina
Universität Duisburg-Essen

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Forschungsdatenzentrum (FDZ) am Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (IQB) / Research Data Centre (FDZ) at the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB)



Sampled Universe

Students in grades 8 and 9 (N=786), High School Classes (N=35), Teachers (N=29)


Non-probability Sample: Availability Sample

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  • Longitudinal
  • Research Design: Observational Design

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  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
  • Educational measurements and tests


  • Abstract

    In the ProwiN-project, pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), content knowledge (CK) and pedagogical knowledge (PK) of teachers in biology, chemistry and physics were analyzed. A theoretical model for CK, PCK and PK was created. CK does not only mean factual knowledge, but additionally in-depth background knowledge about the content of school material. In category PK, independent knowledge is provided for a smooth and effective process of instruction and for the maintenance of a beneficial classroom climate. The category PCK includes knowledge about the creation of specific learning opportunities and the response to specific learning situations. The primary aims of the interdisciplinary joint project were: a) Development and evaluation of test instruments for recording the different dimensions of professional knowledge of teachers in the natural sciences, b) Analysis of group-specific differences at the level of knowledge dimensions, c) Investigation of the relations between CK, PCK and PK with respect to the subjects biology, chemistry and physics. For all three dimensions, test instruments were developed and evaluated. In the course of the ProwiN-project, reliable and valid test instruments for the use in different school tracks have been developed. This provides instruments that can be used to assess and compare PCK, CK and PK of different samples of teachers of the natural sciences.


Temporal Coverage

  • 2013-09-01 / 2015-05-01
  • 2014-01-01 / 2015-05-01

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  • Bavaria, North-Rhine Westphalia


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    DOI: 10.5159/IQB_ProwiN_Physik_v1
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    DOI: 10.5159/IQB_ProwiN_Physik_v1


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