Young People in Organized Leisure Time

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Furck, Carl-Ludwig (Seminar für Erziehungswissenschaft der Universität Hamburg)
  • Lüdtke, Hartmut (Seminar für Erziehungswissenschaft der Universität Hamburg)
  • Grauer, Gustaf (Seminar für Erziehungswissenschaft der Universität Hamburg)
Publication Date
  • Seminar fuer Erziehungswissenschaft der Universitaet Hamburg (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Leisure
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Leisure, tourism and sport
    • Youth
  • Abstract

    The significance of leisure clubhouses for leisure behavior of young people from the view of parents as well as young people. Topics: 1. Parents survey: personal opinion on visit to clubhouse by child; extent to which informed about the clubhouse; desired number of clubhouse visits by the child; effects of the clubhouse visit on family life and personal development of child; tasks of youth leisure clubhouses; social class (Scheuch index). 2. Young people survey: point in time and cause of first clubhouse visit; length of the way from residence to clubhouse; occupation of friends; clubhouse visits of friends; making friends in the clubhouse; organization of leisure time; being together with clubhouse visitors outside of the clubhouse; meeting with school friends and colleagues in the clubhouse; preferred occupation in clubhouse; activity possibilities missing in the clubhouse; reference groups; organization of leisure time; attending further education courses and cultural events; going to the movies; membership in clubs and organizations and personal activities in the club; company size and change of company; pocket-money; residential area and housing conditions. Indices: social behavior, social distance, group ties, feeling, attitude regarding other young people and the clubhouse director. Demography: age; sex; age und number of siblings; religious denomination; religiousness; school education; vocational training; occupation; professional position; income; household income; possession of durable economic goods. Interviewer rating: willingness of respondent to cooperate; social and physical characteristics of respondent; social status and belonging to informal groups in the clubhouse.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1966-04
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
    FRG incl. West Berlin
Sampled Universe
Young people and their parents in 73 clubhouses with ´open door´ character. The leisure clubhouses were determined according to stratified random sample.
Sampling Procedure Comment: Quota sample
Collection Mode
  • Oral survey with standardized questionnaire among the young people and written survey of parents.
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 2334
    Number of Variables: 92
In the current data set the parent data has already been assigned to the 2334 young people interviewed.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA0527 (Type: ZA-No.)
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  • Lüdtke, Hartmut; Grauer, Gustaf: Jugend - Freizeit - "Offene Tür": Methoden und Daten der empirischen Erhebung in Jugendfreizeitheimen - Teil 3 der Untersuchung von JugendFreizeitheimen. Weinheim: Beltz 1973.

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