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Form and function - designing successful mobile data services - Survey Data

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  • Botzenhardt, Achim
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    Mobile devices, along with mobile data services (MDS), have become powerful attendants in our daily life. Starting with simple communication services, MDS now offer a solution for almost every demand in private and business life. The market for MDS has become very competitive and is creating pressure on MDS providers with continuously increasing consumer demands. Recently, design has received much attention, since it provides vast opportunities for differentiating offerings and gaining competitive advantage. However, there is often semantic confusion when it comes to the concrete application of design. Based on the theoretical integration of user satisfaction and technology acceptance of Wixom and Todd (2005) and by conceptualizing form and function as the two major components of design, we propose a theoretical model that specifically investigates which MDS design characteristics influence consumers’ perception and behavioral intention. We empirically tested our model with partial least square (PLS) analysis, based on a sample of 2,295 responses from MDS users in the mobile banking context. The findings reveal that both components of design – form and function – were positively associated with satisfaction. The relationship between form and satisfaction was moderated by MDS consumer age and MDS usage frequency.

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Botzenhardt, Achim (2014): Form and function - designing successful mobile data services - Survey Data. Version: 1. Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim. Dataset.