Great Power Wars, 1495-1815

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Levy, Jack S.
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  • J. Levy (Data Collector)
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    • Historical Studies Data
  • Abstract

    This study deals with ´great power wars´ or wars in which a great power was involved on at least one side. Topics: To exclude long-lasting conflicts with low battle levels an annual average of at least 1000 combat victims was required for inclusion in this study. Here great powers are defined as countries or states that played a major role in international security politics. Such powers must demonstrate a high military capacity relative to other countries and they must be in the position of projecting their military power beyond their borders with the option of influencing their external environment through exercise of or threat of their military strength. They play a great role in international organizations as well as in politics and they are perceived as great powers by the other members of the international community. The variables of this study encompass: the length of every war, its seriousness by means of the number of the combat victims, extent of a war (defined through the number of participating great powers), size of the war (extent combined with length) and the concentration of the war (relationship of seriousness to size).
Temporal Coverage
  • 1495 / 1815
    France: 1495-1815; England / Great Britain: 1495-1815; Austrian Habsburgs / Austria / Austria Hungary: 1495-1519; 1556-1815; Spain: 1495-1519; 1556-1659; Ottoman Empire: 1495-1699; United Habsburgs: 1519-1556; The Netherlands: 1609-1713; Sweden: 1617-1721; Russia: 1709-1815; Prussia: 1740-1815
Geographic Coverage
  • France
  • England / Great Britain
  • Austrian Habsburgs / Austria / Austria Hungary
  • Spain
  • Ottoman Empire
  • United Habsburgs
  • The Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Historical German lands (-1871) (DQDE)
  • Austria (1806-1918) (AAAT)
    Austrian Habsburgs/ Austria/ Austria Hungary
Sampled Universe
All wars from 1495 to 1815 in which the sum of fatalities for all participants was at least 1000.
Sampling Procedure Comment:
Collection Mode
  • Evaluation of monographies, encyclopedias, and magazines. Bibliography in the appendix of the codebook.
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Event/Process
    Number of Units: 160
    Number of Variables: 20
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA8119 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Levy, Jack S.: Great Power Wars, 1495-1815 [Computer file]. New Brunswick, NJ and Houston, TX: Jack S. Levy und T. Clifton Morgan [producers], 1989. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 1994.

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