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Child Maltreatment Prevention Readiness Assessment: South Africa 2011 - Experts

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  • Makoae, Mokhantso Gladys
  • Human Sciences Research Council
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  • Human Sciences Research Council (Producer)
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  • Fetzer Institute
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  • Abstract

    Description: This data set contains responses of the experts who were part of the research team. The RAP-CM-XD was completed by the research team after conducting the interviews of key informants with RAPCM-I using all available data relevant to CMP in the country data, both gleaned from the interviews with key informants and collected from other sources. In addition, data on key country conditions - such as income level, per capita GDP, Gini index, adolescent fertility rate - with a potential bearing on the country's readiness to implement child maltreatment prevention programmes were also collected. Data collection took place in 2011.

    Abstract: This study aimed to systematically assess the readiness of the country (South Africa) to implement evidence-based child maltreatment prevention programs on a large scale. To this end, it applied a recently developed method called Readiness Assessment for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment based on two parallel 100-item instruments. The first data set measures the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs concerning child maltreatment prevention of key informants; the second, completed by child maltreatment prevention experts using all available data in the country, produces a more objective assessment readiness. The instruments cover all of the main aspects of readiness including, for instance, availability of scientific data on the problem, legislation and policies, will to address the problem, and material resources. Key informant scores were moderately low for the majority of the dimensions that is, between 3.5 and 6 points out of 10. Major gaps identified in South Africa included a lack of professionals with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to implement evidence-based child maltreatment programs and of institutions to train them; inadequate funding, infrastructure, and equipment; extreme rarity of outcome evaluations of prevention programs; and lack of national prevalence surveys of child maltreatment. In sum, the country is in a low to moderate state of readiness to implement evidence-based child maltreatment prevention programs on a large scale. Such an assessment of readiness - the first of its kind - allows gaps to be identified and then addressed to increase the likelihood of program success. For more information pertaining to this study, visit the WHO web portal:

Temporal Coverage
  • 2011 / 2011
Geographic Coverage
  • South Africa (ZA)
Sampled Universe
The RAP-CM-XD (Scoring system) was completed by the research team after conducting the interviews of key informants.
No sample was drawn, RAP-CM-XD (experts) data file was completed by the research team after conducting the interviews with the key informants.
Time Dimension
  • Cross-section
Collection Mode
  • Self-completion
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Makoae, Mokhantso Gladys; Human Sciences Research Council (2014): Child Maltreatment Prevention Readiness Assessment: South Africa 2011 - Experts. Version: 1.0. HSRC - Human Science Research Council SA. Dataset.