Historical Development of Crime in selected Countries (Austria, England and Wales, France, Sweden, Canada, Japan and Germany) 1882-1928.

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    The Study’s Subject: The German Statistical Office of the German Empire compiled a comparative representation of different countrie’s crime statistics. In this context the statistical office was faced with the problem of diverging methodologies and classifications of the countrie’s crime statistics data collections. After World War 1 the “International Statistic Institute (ISI)” and the “International Penal Law and Prison Commission” (IPPC) ) resumed their research activities in the fields of criminal statistics in international comparison. In this context the Statistical Office of the German Empire carried out an investigation of 33 european and non-european countries with the aim to work out a comparative compilation of various criminalstatistical classifications. Is was established that at the time of preparation a comparison of different classifications a comparable international data compilation could not be gathered due to significant differences between the classifications. Finally from the 33 countries it could be compiled time series on criminal statisics only for a small selection of countries. The reason for this situation was the lack of data material for many countries. Therefore, the development of crime could be presented in form of time series for the following countries: - Austria - England and Wales - France - German Empire - Sweden - Canada - Japan In terms of the crime statistical objective data on lawsuit processes (for example the number of criminal proceedings) has not been incorporated. Furthermore, no data on the military criminal justice are included in the data compilation. The following information, which was available in the statistics, has been taken from the statistics for the data compilation: Information on the persons, who has been accused or convicted: Number of persons totally, by gender, teenagers or adults. Information on the offences the persons were accused for: accused or convicted by groups of offences or single selected offences. The sentences imposed as results of lawsuit processes are not included in this data compilation. Data tables in HISTAT (Thema: Kriminaltiät): A. Österreich (Austria) A.1 Rechtskräftig Verurteilte nach Geschlecht (Legally convicted by sex) A.2 Rechtskräftig Verurteilte wegen Verbrechen nach ausgewählten Deliktarten (Legally convicted of crimes by selected types of offences) A.3 Rechtskräftig Verurteilte wegen Verbrechen und Übertretungen zusammen nach ausgewählten Deliktarten (Legally convicted of crimes and violations by selected types of offences) A.4 Verurteilte auf 100.000 Strafmündige nach ausgewählten Deliktarten (Kriminalitätsziffern) (Convicted per 100.000 of population of the age of criminal responsibility by selected offences (crime rate)) B. England und Wales (England and Wales) B.1 Angeklagte wegen schwerer Vergehen vor Schwurgerichten und Vierteljahressitzungen nach Deliktarten (Accuesed of heavy offences at the jury court (Assizes) and at the „Quarter Sessions“ by types of offences) B.2 Angeklagte wegen schwerer und leichter Vergehen vor allen Gerichten insgesamt und vor den Gerichten für summarische Rechtsprechung (Accused of heavy offences and of petty offences at all types of courts and at courts of summary jurisdiction) B.3 Angeklagte und Verurteilte nach Geschlecht C. Frankreich (France) C.1 Verhandlungen vor Schwurgerichten (Hearings at the jury courts) C.1.1 Angeklagte vor Schwurgerichte nach Geschlecht (Accused at jury courts by gender) C.1.2 Anzahl der Verurteilten durch Schwurgerichte (Number of convicted by the jury court) C.1.3 Erhobene Anklagen nach Deliktart vor Schwurgerichten (Prosecutions by types of offences at the jury court) C.2 Verhandlungen vor Strafgerichten (Hearings at the tribunal court) C.2.1 Angeklagte vor und Verurteilte der Strafgerichte insgesamt (Accused and convicted of tribunal courts, totaly) C.2.2 Anklagen vor Strafgerichte nach Deliktarten (Prosecutions at the tribunal court by types of offences) D. Deutsches Reich (German Empire) D.1 Abgeurteilte Personen und verurteilte Personen nach Geschlecht, Jugendliche und Vorbestrafte (1882-1927) (Persons judged and convicted persons by sex) D.2 Verurteilte Personen nach Deliktgruppen (1882-1927) (Convicted Persons by types of offences) D.3 Kriminalitätsziffern der verurteilten Personen - auf 100.000 der strafm. Bevölkerung (1882-1927) (Crime rate of convicted Persons – per 100.000 of population of the age of criminal responsibility) D.4 Kriminalitätsziffern der verurteilten Personen nach Deliktgruppe - auf 100.000 der strafm. Bevölkerung (1882-1927) (Crime Rate of convicted Persons by type of offence – per 100.000 of population of the age of criminal responsibility) D.5 Die Strafmündige Bevölkerung des Deutschen Reiches (1882-1928) (Population of the German Empire of the age of criminal responsibility) E. Schweden (Sweden) E.1 Verurteilte Personen nach Deliktarten (Convicted Persons by types of offences) F. Kanada (Canada) F.1 Verurteilungen nach Deliktarten (Convictions by types of offences) G. Japan (Japan) G.1 Kriminalitätsstatistik nach alter Systematik (Crime statistics according to the old classification) G.1.1 Angeklagte wegen Verbrechen insgesamt und Verurteilte nach Geschlecht und Alter (1882-1907) (Accused of crimes as a whole and convicted by gender and age) G.1.2 Angeklagte wegen Verbrechen insgesamt und nach Deliktgruppen (1882-1907) (Accused of crimes as a whole and by types of offences) G.1.3 Anklagen wegen Vergehen insgesamt und nach Deliktgruppen (1882-1907) (Prosecutions of crimes as a whole and by types of offences) G.2 Kriminalitätsstatistik nach neuer Systematik (Crime statistics addording to the new classification) G.2.1 Verurteilte in 1. Instanz nach Geschlecht (1904-1927) (Convictions of the first instance by gender) G.2.2 Verurteilte in 1. Instanz insgesamt und nach einzelnen Delikten (1904-1927) (Convictions of the first instance generally and by types of offences)
Temporal Coverage
  • 1882 / 1928
Geographic Coverage
  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
  • Austria (AT)
  • France (FR)
  • England and Wales (GB-EAW)
  • Sweden (SE)
  • Canada (CA)
  • Japan (JP)
  • German Empire in it’s respective borders. Austria, France, England and Wales, Sweden, Canada, and Japan in it’s respective borders.
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