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Quality assessment of mathematics instruction at schools (QuaSUM)

Resource Type
Dataset : survey data, achievement test
  • Lehmann, Rainer H. (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
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Mathematics Achievement, 5th Grade, 9th Grade, Instructional Quality, Cross-sectional Study, Brandenburg, QuaSUM
  • Abstract

    In February 1999, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the German federal state of Brandenburg commissioned the quality assessment of mathematics instruction at schools (QuaSUM) to be conducted and evaluated. The main concern of this study was to investigate the learning outcomes in mathematics at the end of grades 5 and 9 and to analyse the contextual factors both inside and outside school that can be responsible for disparities in learning outcomes between different school forms or course levels, respectively, or else between schools of the same school type, and between grades or courses at the same school.

Temporal Coverage
  • 1999
Geographic Coverage
  • Brandenburg
Sampled Universe
fifth and ninth graders

Stratified cluster sample

Collection Mode
  • Self-completed questionnaire

    achievement tests

    student questionnaire, Documentation:

    teacher questionnaire, Documentation:

    school principle questionnaire, Documentation:

    parent questionnaire, Documentation:

  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
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CC0 1.0 Universal
  • Lehmann, R. H., Peek, R., Gänsfuß, R., Lutkat, S., Mücke, S. und Barth, I. QuaSUM. Qualitätsuntersuchung an Schulen zum Unterricht in Mathematik. Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Untersuchung im Land Brandenburg. Abschlussbericht.

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Update Metadata: 2019-03-27 | Issue Number: 13 | Registration Date: 2015-02-20

Lehmann, Rainer H. (2010): Qualitätsuntersuchung an Schulen zum Unterricht in Mathematik (QuaSUM). Version: 1. IQB – Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen. Dataset.