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Homelessness (Survey of Homeless)

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Sack, Fritz (Forschungsinstitut für Soziologie, Universität zu Köln)
  • Höhmann, Peter (Forschungsinstitut für Soziologie, Universität zu Köln)
Publication Date
  • Forschungsinstitut fuer Soziologie, Universitaet zu Koeln (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Society, Culture
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Employment
    • Community, urban and rural life
    • Social behaviour and attitudes
    • Crime
    • Social stratification and groupings
    • Children
    • Specific social services: use and provision
    • Income, property and investment/saving
    • Housing
  • Abstract

    The social situation of the homeless in a Cologne suburb. Topics: Most important problems in the settlement; problems in the relationship between the settlement and surroundings; plans to leave; length of residence in the settlement and year of first utilization of a city shelter; reason for admission into a city shelter; type of quarters on first admission and before admission; frequency of moving into such accomodations and settlements; perceived deterioration from the move; number of rooms; possession of durable economic goods; defects in residence; number of children and schools attended or kindergarten; attitude to establishment of a special school in the part of town; perceived discrimination of one´s children in school; regular pocket-money for the children; place of leisure time of one´s children; contacts of one´s children outside of the settlement; person raising the children; perceived discrimination of the homeless; exercise of an honorary activity in the settlement; attitude to a self-help committee in the settlement; interest in participation in such a committee; assumed effectiveness of a community of interests of the homeless; most important tasks of such a community of interests; most important institutions as contact to improve the situation of the homeless; location of place of work; frequency of change of job; change of occupation; satisfaction with place of work; shopping place; possession of savings; manager of family income; decision-maker for expenditures; debts; eating main meal together; leisure activities in the settlement; contact persons in leisure time; leisure contacts outside the settlement; neighborhood contacts in the settlement; contacts with non-homeless; establishing these contacts on leisure time or through work; identification as Cologne resident or resident of the part of town; desire to move to another part of town; favorite part of town in Cologne; intensity of contact with the population in the part of town; contacts with residents of another settlement; participation in meetings of the Poll Buergerverein; assumed representation of interests of the homeless through this organization; most influencial personalities in the part of town; persons making a particular effort for the homeless; most important differences between the residents of one´s own settlement and another settlement in the part of town; knowledge of press reports and television reports about the homeless and judgement on validity; most important reasons for homelessness; most important measures to prevent homelessness; perceived differences between the homeless; filing a complaint against the city to obtain better housing; experiences with contacts with authorities; satisfaction with the manager of the settlement; most important task of a manager; anomy (scale); comparison of personal housing situation with that of parents; social origins; social mobility compared with father and father-in-law; contacts with relatives; judgement of relatives about living in this settlement; relatives likewise living in emergency shelters; personal condition of health; number of sick family members and type of illnesses; recommendations on dealing with the homeless; society or the individual as responsible for one´s own homelessness; desire for integration in a normal residential area; personal extent of commiting crimes and conviction; type of offenses; perceived improvement in living conditions in the emergency shelter; comparison of the situation between the settlement and a temporary shelter; place of birth; length of residence in Cologne; re-married; religiousness; club memberships; extent of club activity; party preference; assumed effectiveness of this survey on the situation of the homeless. Interviewer rating: name sign on door; description of residential furnishings regarding family pictures, other pictures, knick-knacks, religious figures and possession of books; condition of windows, wallpaper and furniture; length of interview; number of persons present during interview; carrying out house work by the person interviewed during the interview; conduct of other persons present during the conversation; willingness of respondent to cooperate.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1969-10 / 1970-02
Geographic Coverage
  • Cologne (DE-NW-CGN)
    Cologne Poll
Sampled Universe
The residents of two homeless settlements (Rolshover Hof and Am grauen Stein)
Sampling Procedure Comment: Census
Collection Mode
  • Oral survey with standardized questionnaire
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 106
The survey of residents of the part of town is archived under ZA Study No. 2578.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA2579 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Höhmann, Peter; unter Mitwirkung von Rugewitz, Jürgen; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Esser, Hartmut; Müller; Gertraud; Müller, Manfred: Zur Integration marginaler Gruppen: Eine Studie zum Vorfeld abweichenden Verhaltens, Band I: Forschungsbericht. Universität Regensburg: Lehrstuhl für Soziologie (o.J.).
  • Höhmann, Peter: Wie Obdachlosigkeit gemacht wird: Die Entstehung und Entwicklung eines sozialen Problems. Neuwied und Darmstadt: Luchterhand 1976. (Kritische Texte: Sozialarbeit, Sozialpädagogik, Soziale Probleme)

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Sack, Fritz; Höhmann, Peter (1995): Obdachlosigkeit (Obdachlosenbefragung). Version: 1.0.0. GESIS Datenarchiv. Dataset.