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SPD Party Office-Holder Survey 1991

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • SPD-Parteivorstand, Bonn
Publication Date
  • Polis, Gesellschaft fuer Politik- und Sozialforschung, Muenchen (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Political Parties, Organizations
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion
    • Government, political systems and organisation
  • Abstract

    Judgement on the SPD by party office-holders in the party. Topics: Length of membership in the SPD as well as in local committee; contact or cause for personally joining the party; manner of first contact on the part of the party after joining; evaluation of selected reasons for joining the SPD (scale); attitude to the SPD and evaluation of the party from current view; functionary status according to hierarchy levels, length of mandate up to now and readiness for further candidacies; current and earlier memberships in other organizations and current activity level; activities as works council or staff council for civil servants, as union negotiator in a trade union or as member in an SPD company group; participation in selected task forces on the level of the local committee, the district association , the district level or the state level; weekly time budget for party work, organized according to individual activities; desired changes in time budget for individual activities for the party; perceived work stress from party work; satisfaction with communication at the various party levels; participation in education events of the party; most important sources of information about seminars; interest in principle in such seminars; self-classification of personal commitment for the party; local committee size; separating the members in active and passive members; selected manner of greeting new members; behavior with party members wanting to leave and who have resigned; most important reasons for resignation in the last few months; forms of taking care of members; type and extent of activities outside of the election campaign; current and desired main focus in local committee work; type of member information about local committee work; ways of motivating and activating members; information on course of board elections in local committee; quota regulation in filling board position; activities of local committee and personal participation in these; judgement on activities of local committee; judgement on selected reform recommendations in party work; attitude to a study-group for older people; evaluation of personal abilities that could easily be applied for party work and areas in which respondent wishes support on the part of the party or from outside; work areas in which more support on the part of the party is desired; type and extent of media used for information about political events; use of the members magazine ´Vorwaerts´; judgement on selected topics and articles in Vorwaerts; general judgement on Vorwaerts and reason for judgement; evaluation of reputation of the SPD as well as of the CDU/CSU in the population in general as well as among selected social groups and institutions; image of these parties as academic or worker party, reputation as party of the self-employed or the civil service; inventiveness, nepotism and disagreement of the parties as well as judgement on municipal political program (scale); moral orientations and guidelines of personal conduct (scale); personal importance of political tasks and issues (scale).
Temporal Coverage
  • 1991-11 / 1991-12
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
    FRG (only old states)
Sampled Universe
SPD party office-holders from the members file
Sampling Procedure Comment: Two-stage stratified random sampling
Collection Mode
  • Mail survey
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 453
At the same time a members survey of the SPD was conducted. This is archived under ZA Study No. 2609.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA2610 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Blessing, Karlheinz (Hrsg.): SPD 2000: Modernisierung der SPD. Marburg: Schüren 1993.

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