Germany´s energy supply: power generation and power consumption, 1950-2010

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  • Franzmann, Gabriele
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    The study’s subject: The present data compilation is on the development of energy economy with special focus on the production and supply of electricity since 1950 or 1960 until 2010. H. Ott´s study of the public electricity supply in the German Empire (GESIS data file ZA8409) offers a detailed electricity statistics for the period 1890-1913. The period from 1925-1939 is finally completed by the study ZA8596 (histat data compilation online: electricity production and consumption of the German Empire, 1925 - 1939). The present study on electricity production and electricity consumption from 1950 to 2010 is a logical supplement to the statistical representation of the German electricity market. The structure of the German electricity industry has grown historically. It can be divided into three sub-areas: the public electricity companies, industrial energy and power economy and - until 1990 - the electricity supply of the German Federal Railroad. The beginnings of the public electricity supply reach back to 1882, when the first generating unit or block complex for electricity production in Germany was built in Stuttgart. The public electricity supply in 1990 was more than four fifths of the entire electricity supply. The opening of the German electricity industry for the European internal market and the deregulation and liberalization of the European electricity and gas markets altered the structure of the German public electricity supply to more competition and pluralism. While on the supply side companies are unbundled and new provider enter the market, on the consumer side, new forms of organization demand emerging. Due to the changes in the market, the statistical coverage of the energy market has been revised in the Energy Statistics Act (EnStatG) in early 2003. The aim was a uniform survey concept for the different fuels. Important parts of the energy supply were also captured insufficiently by the existing energy statistics. Since the revised statistical coverage concept from 2003 now for example also power stations of cogeneration have been considered for the data collection. In terms of statistics for electricity supply (output, imports and exports), there were no significant changes in the statistical coverage (see.: Wirtschaft und Statistik, 1/2003: 35). The power consumption of different consumer groups, the self-consumption of power plants and power generation facilities as well as the pumped storage power stations describe the usage side of the generated electricity. Of particular importance for assessing the security of electricity supply is the bottleneck capacity on a reference date. This date is in accordance with international agreements the third Wednesday of each month. The efficiency of the electricity producers, the electricity demand and power consumption the used energy sources for electricity production and their effectiveness are important factors for the development of the electricity market in an economy. For this, long data rows for the territory of the former Federal Republic (= old countries) in 1950 and 1960 respectively to 1990 and from 1990 long series for Germany are collected in this data compilation. Data tables in histat (Topic: Energy): A. Electricity plants of public supply. (Elektrizitätswerke der öffentlichen Versorgung) B. Fuel consumption of power stations for electricity production (Brennstoffverbrauch aller Elektrizitätswerke zur Stromerzeugung) C. Performance and electricity production of power stations (Leistung und Stromerzeugung der Kraftwerke) D. Electricity consumption (Stromverbrauch bzw. –versorgung) E. Revenues from the supply of electricity (Erlöse aus der Stromabgabe) F. Investment of foreign trade (Investitionen und Außenhandel) G. Contextual information (reference values for indices and ratios):: (Kontextinformationen (Bezugszahlen für Kennziffern):) G.1 Population, households, housing stock and working population (Bevölkerung, Haushalte, Wohnungsbestand und Erwerbstätige) G.2 Production values, intermediate consumption, gross value added and gross domestic product (Produktionswerte, Vorleistungen, Bruttowertschöpfung und Bruttoinlandsprodukt.)
Temporal Coverage
  • 1950 / 2010
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  • Germany (DE)
    Federal Republic of Germany in its borders before 3rd Oct. 1990, Germany in the borders of 3rd October 1990. Old German countries of the former Federal Republic of Germany and new German countries.
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  • Sources: official statistics; corporation statistics
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