China Housing Survey, 1993

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Dataset : survey data
  • Logan, John R. (Shanghai Academy of Social Science (China))
  • Bian, Yanjie (Tianjin Academy of Social Science (China))
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  • Archival Version (Subtitle)
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families; family relations; family structure; household composition; households; housing; housing conditions; neighborhood conditions; neighborhoods; work experience
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    These data, collected in Shanghai and Tianjin, China, in 1993, describe respondents' housing conditions and residential histories as well as family composition and family relations, work and work histories, and neighbor relations and neighborhood conditions. The unit of analysis is households, of which 2,096 participated: 1,054 in Shanghai and 1,042 in Tianjin. The survey elicited information on length of stay and frequency of moves, physical style of housing and organization of housing space, accessibility of utilities, amount of rent/payment and work unit subsidies, strategies for obtaining better housing, and neighborhood support networks. Other items covered income, job opportunity, housing allocation, collective welfare programs, employee training programs, relationship with others in the work unit and with the work unit leader, membership in the Communist party and the Youth League, and number of job changes. Background information on respondents includes age, ethnicity, sex, religion, education, number of siblings, number of parents living, marital status, number of children, health conditions, household income, employment status, political affiliation, occupation, number of employees in work unit, and division of housework within the household.
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    • DS1: Dataset
Temporal Coverage
  • Time period: 1993
  • Collection date: 1993
Geographic Coverage
  • China (Peoples Republic)
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
Sampled Universe
Households in Shanghai and Tianjin, China.
The probability sample selected to represent the universe consists of approximately 2,096 households.
2000-05-17 An ASCII version of the data is now available for this collection, and SAS and SPSS data definition statements have been created.
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  • 2571 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)
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    DOI: 10.3886/ICPSR02571.v1
  • Logan, John R., Bian, Fuqin, Bian, Yanjie. Tradition and Change in the Urban Chinese Family: The Case of Living Arrangements. Social Forces.76, (3), 851-882.1998.
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