ABC News/Washington Post Poll, September 1999

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Dataset : survey data
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  • ABC News/Washington Post Poll Series
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Bush, George W.; campaign finance reform; campaign issues; Clinton, Bill; Clinton, Hillary; crime; Dole, Elizabeth; environmental protection; ethics; foreign affairs; Gore, Al; gun control; McCain, John; Medicare; national economy; presidency; presidential candidates; presidential elections; public opinion; Social Security; tax cuts; voter preferences
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    This poll, fielded August 30-September 2, 1999, is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and on a range of other political and social issues. Respondents were asked for their opinions of President Bill Clinton and his handling of the presidency. Their opinions were also sought on Vice President Al Gore, the United States Congress, former Red Cross president and Republican presidential hopeful Elizabeth Dole, First Lady Hillary Clinton, Texas Governor George W. Bush, former New Jersey governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Bradley, former Vice President Dan Quayle, Arizona Senator John McCain, multimillionaire publisher Steve Forbes, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, conservative talk show host Alan Keyes, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, and Family Research Council President Gary Bauer. Respondents were asked a series of questions regarding the upcoming 2000 elections, including for whom the respondent intended to vote for president, and the importance of the following issues: gun control, campaign finance reform, tax reduction, Social Security/Medicare, crime, the economy, foreign affairs, education, helping the middle class, environmental protection, budget management, and upholding the dignity of the office of the president. Additional questions addressed which political party would best represent the American people on those issues. Respondents were asked to compare Gore and Bradley in the following areas: honesty and ethics, leadership, innovation, experience, personality, and capability of bringing change to Washington. A series of questions focused on gun control, including Congress's handling of the issue, proposed stricter gun laws, and the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) over gun control. Additional topics covered how Clinton will be remembered in history, who was to blame for his impeachment, how the Clinton scandal would affect Gore's presidential campaign, the Republican call for an $800 billion tax cut over the next ten years, how the federal budget surplus should be used, abortion, and whether Bush should answer questions regarding prior cocaine use. Background information on respondents includes age, sex, political party, political orientation, education, religion, voter registration and participation history, gun ownership, size of city of residence, labor union membership, Hispanic descent, and family income.
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  • 1999-08-30 / 1999-09-02
    Time period: 1999-08-30--1999-09-02
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  • United States
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  • 2807 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)
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