ABC News New Hampshire Primary Voter Poll, January 2000

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Bauer, Gary; Bradley, Bill; Bush, George W.; campaign finance reform; campaign issues; education; Forbes, Steve; foreign affairs; Gore, Al; health care; Keyes, Alan; leadership; Medicare; national economy; presidential candidates; presidential elections; primaries; public opinion; Social Security; tax cuts; voter preferences; voting behavior
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    This special topic poll, fielded January 13, 2000, queried residents of New Hampshire on the upcoming February 1, 2000, presidential primaries. Respondents were asked how much attention they had paid to the New Hampshire primary campaigns and whether they intended to vote. Those queried were asked for whom they intended to vote in the Democratic primary, Vice President Al Gore or former New Jersey senator Bill Bradley, or for whom they intended to vote in the Republican primary, given the choice among Texas governor George W. Bush, publisher Steve Forbes, Arizona senator John McCain, Family Research Council president Gary Bauer, radio talk show host Alan Keyes, and Utah senator Orrin Hatch. Their views were sought on the most important issues of the presidential election and which candidate was best suited to handle issues such as education, the economy, taxes, Social Security/Medicare, campaign finance reform, international affairs, and health care. Respondents were asked if the following statements applied to Bradley, Bush, Gore, or McCain: typical politician, understands the average American, strong leader, experienced enough to be president, would bring needed change to Washington, DC, knowledgeable in world affairs, loyal to his political party, inspiring, has a chance of winning the election, and says what he thinks even though it may be unpopular. Additional topics covered whether respondents were pleased with the choice of candidates for the 2000 election, whether they would support a plan whereby candidates agreed to participate in twice-weekly debates and agree not to run televised political advertisements, whether Bush could cut income taxes while maintaining a balanced federal budget, and which candidate was best prepared to lead the nation into the Internet age. Background information on respondents includes age, gender, education, political party, political orientation, Hispanic descent, voter registration and participation history, military service, labor union membership, and family income.
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  • Time period: 2000-01-13
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