ABC News/Washington Post Poll, July 2001

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Bush, George W.; campaign finance reform; corporate influence; economic conditions; education; energy policy; energy shortages; environment; foreign affairs; health care; leadership; military spending; national defense; national economy; political issues; pressidency; presidential performance; public approval; public opinion; social issues; Social Security; special interest groups; stem cell research
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    This poll, conducted July 26-30, 2001, is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and a range of other social and political issues. This survey assessed the public's satisfaction with President George W. Bush, as well as their satisfaction with his political agenda and motivations. Respondents were asked what they thought of Bush's ability to handle the nation's economy, the environment, a possible energy crisis, and stem cell research as compared to the ability of the Democrats in Congress to handle these issues. Respondents were also asked whether Bush's administration was influenced too much by large business corporations, the oil and gas industries, conservative religious groups, wealthy people, environmental groups, minority groups, or people like the respondent, and whether the following applied to Bush: he understands the problems of people like you, he can be trusted in a crisis, he's doing a good job as commander-in-chief of the military, he is honest and trustworthy, he is a strong leader, he's got a vision for the future, he understands complex issues, he has strong personal character, he has brought needed change to Washington, and he's done a good job keeping the economy strong. Opinions were solicited on whether the President or Congress was more trustworthy in handling the economy, international affairs, environmental issues, education, the energy situation, patients' rights in the health care system, Social Security, the federal budget, campaign finance reform, the cost of prescription drugs, and the defense and the military budget. Respondents were queried on whether they would vote for Bush, Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan, or someone else, if the 2000 presidential election were held that day. Additional issues addressed in the poll included respondent's views of the nation's economy, how they thought the nation's economy would be affected by the tax cut, whether they supported stem cell research, if they would support federal funding for stem cell research, and if they had a favorable impression of Vice President Dick Cheney, the Republican party, the Democratic party, Arizona senator John McCain, and former President Ronald Reagan. Background information on respondents includes political party, voter registration status, education, type of graduate degree, age, religion, characteristics of place of residence, marital status, labor union membership, Hispanic origin, race, combined household yearly income, and gender.
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