ABC News/Washington Post Afghanistan Attack Poll #1, October 2001

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Dataset : survey data
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  • ABC News/Washington Post Poll Series
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Afghanistan War; attitudes; bin Laden, Osama; Bush Administration (George W., 2001-2009); Bush, George W.; counterterrorism; diplomacy; military intervention; presidential performance; public opinion; September 11 attack; terrorism
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    This special topic poll, conducted October 7, 2001, was undertaken to assess respondents' reactions to and feelings about the United States military action in Afghanistan. Respondents were asked whether they approved of the way President Bush was handling the response to terrorist attacks in the United States, and whether they supported United States air strikes on Afghanistan and sending a significant number of United States ground troops into that country. Those polled also gave their opinions on whether capturing or killing Osama bin Laden and his associates was a higher priority than overthrowing the Taliban government and how concerned they were about the possibility of further terrorist attacks in America. Respondents also tried to predict whether it would be a quick military action or a long war, and whether the military action in Afghanistan would make further terrorist attacks against the United States more or less likely. Opinions were elicited on whether the United States should have done more to find a diplomatic solution before attacking Afghanistan, whether the United States should mount a broader war against terrorism, whether the United States government was doing enough in its anti-terrorism campaign to win the support of Muslim people, and whether respondents supported the humanitarian aid for Afghans. Background information on respondents includes gender and political party affiliation.
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  • Time period: 2001-10
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