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Washington Post Virginia Governor Poll, October 2001

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Dataset : survey data
  • The Washington Post
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  • Archival Version (Subtitle)
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  • ABC News/Washington Post Poll Series
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abortion; anthrax; attitudes; candidates; economic conditions; education; gubernatorial elections; gun control; gun regulation; political campaigns; political parties; public opinion; taxes; terrorist attacks
  • Abstract

    This special topic poll, conducted October 22-25, 2001, was undertaken to assess respondents' views and awareness of the race for governor in the state of Virginia as well as their opinions on the recent anthrax terrorist attacks and abortion. Respondents were asked if they were registered to vote in the state of Virginia, how certain they were that they would vote in the upcoming election for governor, how closely they were following the governor's race in Virginia, whether they would vote for the Republican candidate Mark Earley, the Democratic candidate Mark Warner, or the Libertarian candidate William Redpath, and if they were strong supporters of and had a favorable impression of any of the candidates. Those queried were asked if they approved of the way Governor Jim Gilmore was handling his job, whether they wanted a governor who could get the state going in a new direction or a governor who would keep the state moving in the same direction, how much they knew about Mark Earley and Mark Warner, whether the two candidates were conducting positive campaigns, and whether the respondent thought either candidate would raise taxes if elected. In regards to Mark Earley and Mark Warner, respondents were asked if they agreed that either candidate had the right qualifications to be governor, would work to hold taxes down, would look out for the interests of people like the respondent, would strengthen the state's economy, would say anything to get elected, would improve transportation and roads, would work effectively with the legislature to get a state budget passed, and would make sure Virginia was prepared to deal with any terrorist threats. In addition, respondents were asked how important the following issues were in voting for governor: fully eliminating the car tax, holding down taxes generally, improving transportation and roads, improving public education, strengthening the state's economy, handling the issue of gun control, and handling the abortion issue. Respondents were also asked if they favored or opposed allowing Northern Virginian voters to hold a tax referendum, whether it would cause a tax hike in the rest of the state if those voters voted to raise taxes, how respondents rated the Virginia economy, whether abortion in all cases should be legal, and if they were worried that a friend, relative, or they themselves would be the victim of a future terrorist attack. Background information includes political party, voting history, party orientation, years of residency in Virginia, area of residence with respect to the Beltway, education, affiliation with the religious right, military service, marital status, gun ownership, Hispanic origin, household income, gender, and age.
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    • DS1: Dataset
Temporal Coverage
  • Time period: 2001-10
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  • United States
  • Virginia
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  • The data are provided as an SPSS portable file.

    This collection has not been processed by ICPSR staff. ICPSR is distributing the data and documentation for this collection in essentially the same form in which they were received. When appropriate, documentation has been converted to Portable Document Format (PDF), data files have been converted to non-platform-specific formats, and variables have been recoded to ensure respondents' anonymity.

    Produced by Taylor Nelson Sofres Intersearch, Horsham, PA, 2001.

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  • 3321 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)
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    DOI: 10.3886/ICPSR03321.v1

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The Washington Post (2002): Washington Post Virginia Governor Poll, October 2001. Archival Version. ABC News/Washington Post Poll Series. Version: v0. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.