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Census of Governments, 1977: Bargaining Units Summary Statistics

Resource Type
Dataset : census/enumeration data
  • United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census
Other Title
  • Version 1 (Subtitle)
Collective Title
  • Census of Governments Series
Publication Date
Free Keywords
census data; collective bargaining; finance; government employees; government expenditures; government organizations; government revenues; local government; property values; state government
  • Abstract

    The Census of Governments is conducted at five-year intervals by the Census Bureau and covers the following major subject areas: governmental organization, taxable property values, government employment, and government finances. The statistics in this data collection were gathered from a subset of units analyzed in the 1977 Census of Governments. Contained in that subset were all state and local governments that had one or more collective bargaining units, and data are provided for each bargaining unit. Information is included on the type of employees represented, whether the unit represented supervisory personnel, and the number of employees represented. Up to l3 bargaining units may be contained in one record, and governmental units with more than 13 units will have more than one record. There are 36 state governments and 12,110 local governments with bargaining units represented in this data collection.
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    • DS1: Dataset
Temporal Coverage
  • Time period: 1977
  • Collection date: 1977
Geographic Coverage
  • United States
Sampled Universe
The 50 state governments and approximately 80,000 local units of government identified in the governmental organization phase of the 1977 United States Census of Governments.
Governmental units with one or more collective bargaining units.
Collection Mode
  • (1) There are 13,040 cases contained in 6,250 records -- in other words, two cases to each record. (2) Although the codebook indicates that the record length is 120, the record length is actually 240 and there are two cases contained in each line of data. Users should use the variable information listed in the codebook for columns 1-120 to interpret the data in columns 121-240.

This study is freely available to ICPSR member institutions via web download.
Alternative Identifiers
  • 8179 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)
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    • ID: (URL)
  • Zax, Jeffrey S., Ichniowski, Casey. Bargaining Laws and Unionization in the Local Public Sector. Industrial and Labor Relations Review.43, (4), 447-462.1990.
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United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census (1984): Census of Governments, 1977: Bargaining Units Summary Statistics. Version 1. Census of Governments Series. Version: v1. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.