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National School Health Services Program Evaluation, 1981-1982

Resource Type
Dataset : event/transaction data, clinical data, and survey data
  • Freeman, Howard
  • Meeker, Robert J.
Other Title
  • Archival Version (Subtitle)
Publication Date
Funding Reference
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Free Keywords
children; health care facilities; health care services; health education; schools; students
  • Abstract

    The National School Health Services Program Evaluation documents the nature and scope of a wide range of health services provided to school-age children by by nurse practitioners, school health nurses, physicians, and health aides. The information provided by this collection includes: (1) records of communications between educators, health professionals, and parents, (2) the type, severity, and disposition of problems treated at schools (plus referral sources and the types of health care professionals involved), (3) nurse practitioners' findings from medical histories and physical examinations of students, and (4) data on individual health care episodes at the schools, including unresolved problems. Information supplied by a survey of parents of children in participating schools includes data on health care sources and expenses for the child, plus data on specific medical problems and treatment. Basic demographic characteristics such as the sex and race of the child, parents' educational background, and family income are also provided.
  • Table of Contents


    • DS0: Study-Level Files
    • DS1: Communications Form Data
    • DS2: Health Aide Form Data
    • DS3: History and Physical Form Data: Part 1
    • DS4: History and Physical Form Data: Part 2
    • DS5: Parent Questionnaire Data
    • DS6: Episode Problems Data
    • DS7: Practitioner Form Data
    • DS8: Episode Visits Data
    • DS9: Link File
Temporal Coverage
  • 1981 / 1982
    Time period: 1981--1982
  • 1981 / 1982
    Collection date: 1981--1982
Geographic Coverage
  • United States
Sampled Universe
Students participating in health programs at designated study sites.
Data are supplied for school health programs at a total of 30 schools at six sites in the United States.
Collection Mode
  • These data are released in the same form as provided by the principal investigator. However, ICPSR staff recoded SCHOOL I.D. and DATE OF BIRTH variables as requested by the principal investigator to maintain confidentiality standards in each survey.

2006-01-12 All files were removed from dataset 10 and flagged as study-level files, so that they will accompany all downloads.2006-01-12 All files were removed from dataset 10 and flagged as study-level files, so that they will accompany all downloads. Funding insitution(s): Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
This version of the study is no longer available on the web. If you need to acquire this version of the data, you have to contact ICPSR User Support (
Alternative Identifiers
  • 8302 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)
  • Is previous version of
    DOI: 10.3886/ICPSR08302.v1

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Freeman, Howard; Meeker, Robert J. (1986): National School Health Services Program Evaluation, 1981-1982. Archival Version. Version: v0. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.