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International Conflict Episodes, 1945-1979

Resource Type
Dataset : event/transaction data
  • Alker, Hayward R.
  • Sherman, Frank L.
Other Title
  • Archival Version (Subtitle)
Publication Date
Funding Reference
  • National Science Foundation
Free Keywords
alliances; conflict resolution; diplomacy; international conflict; international relations; military strenth; world politics
  • Abstract

    The dynamics of international conflict events are outlined in this collection, with a focus on sequences of events and the roles played by conflict management agents. Each conflict episode is divided into a number of phases--each designating a level of conflict--with a separate record for each phase of each case. The possible levels of conflict range from a quarrel or disagreement claimed by one party to be of international significance (phase 1: dispute) to military action (phase 3: hostilities) to a resolution of the conflict (phase 6: settlement). Also emphasized are referrals by conflict actors, i.e., initiatives to bring a case to the attention of a potential conflict manager. The collection is divided into five datasets: (1) a case overview, providing for each case such data as the number of phases and referrals, the presence of management agents, and probable outcome had there been no manager, (2) phase-specific information, including for each phase data on dates, interests at stake, actions taken, alliances, and extent of damages, (3) referral data, including agents involved and support for or opposition to each initiative, (4) data on conflict management agents, detailing the identity, degree of bias, and primary role of each agent, and (5) management agent actions, listing the types of action taken by each agent.
  • Table of Contents


    • DS0: Study-Level Files
    • DS1: Case Overview, Part 1
    • DS2: Case Overview, Part 2
    • DS3: Phase-Specific Information, Part 1
    • DS4: Phase-Specific Information, Part 2
    • DS5: Phase-Specific Information, Part 3
    • DS6: Phase-Specific Information, Part 4
    • DS7: Phase-Specific Information, Part 5
    • DS8: Management Referral Overview, Part 1
    • DS9: Management Referral Overview, Part 2
    • DS10: Management Referral Overview, Part 3
    • DS11: Conflict Management Agents
    • DS12: Agent Actions
    • DS13: Nationality Codes
Temporal Coverage
  • 1945 / 1979
    Time period: 1945--1979
Geographic Coverage
  • Global
Collection Mode
  • The first three datasets delineated in this collection each consist of more than one physical file, so that a given case may extend across several files. Different units of analysis are utilized in each of the five datasets.

2006-01-18 File CB8303.ALL.PDF was removed from any previous datasets and flagged as a study-level file, so that it will accompany all downloads. Funding insitution(s): National Science Foundation (7806707).
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Alternative Identifiers
  • 8303 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)
  • Is previous version of
    DOI: 10.3886/ICPSR08303.v1
  • Dixon, William J.. Democracy and the peaceful settlement of international conflict. American Political Science Review.87, (1), 829-844.1994.
  • Alker, Hayward R., Jr., Sherman, Frank L.. Collective security seeking practices since 1945. Managing International Crises.Beverly Hills: Sage. 1982.
  • Butterworth, Robert L., Scranton, Margaret E.. Managing Interstate Conflict, 1945-1974: Data with Synopses. Pittsburgh: University Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh. 1976.

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Alker, Hayward R.; Sherman, Frank L. (1986): International Conflict Episodes, 1945-1979. Archival Version. Version: v0. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.