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European Election Study 1994 (Second Pre-Election Survey)

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Reif, Karlheinz (Kommission der Europäischen Gemeinschaften, Brüssel)
  • Marlier, Eric (Kommission der Europäischen Gemeinschaften, Brüssel)
Publication Date
  • Marketing Unit, Bruessel (Data Collector)
  • GFK Danmark, Kopenhagen (Data Collector)
  • SAMPLE INSTITUT, Moelln (Data Collector)
  • KEME, Athen (Data Collector)
  • CIMEI, Madrid (Data Collector)
  • TMO Consultants, Paris (Data Collector)
  • LANSDOWNE Market Research, Dublin (Data Collector)
  • PRAGMA, Rom (Data Collector)
  • ILRES, Luxemburg (Data Collector)
  • NIPO, Amsterdam (Data Collector)
  • NORMA, Lissabon (Data Collector)
  • NOP Corporate and Financial, LondonINRA EUROPE, Bruessel (Internationale Koordination) (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • International Institutions, Relations, Conditions
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • International politics and organisation
    • Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion
    • Government, political systems and organisation
    • Elections
  • Abstract

    Questions on European politics and especially the European Election. The data set contains parts of Eurobarometer 41.0 concentrating on the European Election. The data set is archived in a cumulated form on four studies under ZA Study No. 2865. Topics: Among others the following questions were posed: general contentment with life; interest in European politics; frequency of obtaining news from television, radio and newspapers assessment of personal extent to which informed about the EU (split: EC) and its institutions; significance of national membership in the EU; advantageousness of EU membership; satisfaction with functioning of democracy in the EU; intent to participate in the election and party preference; most important reasons for non-participation in the European Election; party election, candidate election and importance of political contents for voting decision; most important topics in personal decision for the European Election; desire for more power for the European Parliament.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1994-04 / 1994-05
Geographic Coverage
  • Belgium (BE)
  • Denmark (DK)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Greece (GR)
  • France (FR)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Luxembourg (LU)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Northern Ireland (GB-NIR)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Great Britain (GB-GBN)
Sampled Universe
Persons 15 years old and older.
Sampling Procedure Comment: Multi-stage stratified random sample
Collection Mode
  • Oral survey with standardized questionnaire
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 13102
A split questionnaire was used. In one part of the survey the abbreviation EU was replaced by EC. In this Eurobarometer for the first time an oversample was drawn of persons who did not have the nationality of the residents of the survey country but originally came from one of the other EC countries. This oversample was of an experimental character and produced an additional 373 interviews. A further oversample referred to the persons responsible for shopping. Approx. 300 additional respondents per country (except Northern Ireland) were additionally selected and interviewed with part of the questionnaire (demography and some questions on satisfaction with democracy and interest in politics). The totals of the cases are distributed among the individual countries as follows: Belgium 1087 cases, Denmark 1005 cases, Federal Republic of Germany (West) 1064 cases, Federal Republic of Germany (east) 1058 cases, Greece 1010 cases, Great Britain 1067 cases, Spain 1003 cases, France 1034 cases, Ireland 1068 cases, Italy 1058 cases, Luxembourg 625 cases, Netherlands 1015 cases, Northern Ireland 306 cases, Portugal 1002 cases. Earlier Eurobarometers (2 - 40) are archived under ZA Study Nos. 0986 - 0995, 1036 - 1039, 1206 - 1209, 1318 - 1321, 1541 - 1544, 1712 - 1715, 1750 - 1753, 1960 - 1962, 2031 - 2033, 2081, 2141, 2241 - 2243, 2294 - 2295, 2346, 2347 as well as 2459. A cumulated data set of the Eurobarometers (1973-1992) is archived under ZA Study No. 2533.
A - Data and documents are released for academic research and teaching.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA2867 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Kommission der Europäischen Gemeinschaften (Hrsg.): Eurobarometer 41.0: Die öffentliche Meinung in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft. Brüssel: Selbstverlag 1994.

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Reif, Karlheinz; Marlier, Eric (1997): European Election Study 1994 (Second Pre-Election Survey). Version: 1.0.0. GESIS Data Archive. Dataset.