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Survey of Pension Providers, 1983:[United States]

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Dataset : survey data
  • Curtin, Richard T.
Other Title
  • Version 1 (Subtitle)
Publication Date
Funding Reference
  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Free Keywords
employee benefits; employers; employment; financial assets; household income; households; investments; pension contributions; pension plans
  • Abstract

    A major objective of this study was to identify and to quantify pension plan provisions and benefit formulas using a standard format. The overall research design for the study was based on the SURVEY OF CONSUMER FINANCES, 1983 (ICPSR 9751), which assessed the financial status of American households using a "balance-sheet" approach. This approach permits a systematic investigation of the various types of assets and liabilities held by households, with each component monetized at its current market value. Detailed information was collected on household savings and wealth, including the amount and types of financial and nonfinancial investments and liabilities, as well as entitlements to private and public pension benefits. Pension plan providers were identified and then contacted for information about their plans. Pension plan variables include actual service years, potential service years, final average pay, Social Security offset, mandatory contributions by participants, employer matching of mandatory contributions, potential voluntary contributions by participants, employer matching of voluntary contributions, employer contributions to pension plan, employer contributions to participants, and lump-sum contributions at retirement. Pension eligibility requirement variables include required age and service, other requirements, date restrictions, when payments begin, and length of payment period. Household and individual variables cover date of birth, date hired, age hired, date terminated employment, age terminated employment, date retirement benefits begin, age retirement benefits begin, date at death, age at death, probability of retirement circumstance, participant's special qualifications, hours worked per year, rate of pay per year, and participant's voluntary contributions.
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    • DS0: Study-Level Files
    • DS1: Surveyof Pension Providers, 1983: [United States]
    • DS2: Variable Locations
Temporal Coverage
  • Time period: 1983
  • 1983 / 1984
    Collection date: 1983--1984
Geographic Coverage
  • United States
Sampled Universe
National cross-section of dwelling units (exclusive of institutional quarters) representing the total population of the 48 contiguous United States.
Multistage area probability sample (stratified by the four major geographic regions--Northeast, North Central, South, and West--so that each region received representation in proportion to its population) with an oversample of wealthier households using tax data to identify which households were covered by employer-sponsored pensions, which pension these employees chose, and which benefit formulas and requirements governed these pension entitlements.
Collection Mode
  • This study originally utilized a "pension formula generator program" which was written in a version of Pascal found only on the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) at the University of Michigan. This program is not included with the ICPSR release of these data. Users wanting further information about the program should contact the principal investigator.

This study is freely available to ICPSR member institutions via web download.
Alternative Identifiers
  • 9949 (Type: ICPSR Study Number)

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Curtin, Richard T. (1993): Survey of Pension Providers, 1983:[United States]. Version 1. Version: v1. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.