United States Bankruptcy Statistics by District, 1899-2007

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  • Hansen, Mary Eschelbach (American University)
  • Davis, Matthew (American University)
  • Fasules, Megan (American University)
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bankruptcy declarations; debt; history of bankruptcy; bankruptcy filings; Chapter 7; Chapter 11; assets; involuntary bankruptcy; aggregate bankruptcy statistics; bankruptcy; administrative fees; voluntary bankruptcy
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    This data set provides yearly bankruptcy statistics at the federal district court level spanning fiscal years 1899-2007. The data were originally published in the Annual Reports of the Attorney General of the United States (1899-1939) and the Annual Reports of the Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (1940-2007). These publications reported different variables in different years; all reported statistics are included here. Separate series are provided for statistics under the Bankruptcy Act (pre FY1980) and the Bankruptcy Code (FY1980-FY2007) because some aspects of the two laws make certain variables (e.g. cases filed) non-comparable. On 2016-08-20, the openICPSR web site was moved to new software. In the migration process, some projects were not published in the new system because the decisions made in the old site did not map easily to the new setup. An ICPSR staff member manually published these projects, taking care to preserve the original wishes of the depositor.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1899-01-01 / 2007-09-30
    Fiscal Years 1899-2007
Geographic Coverage
  • United States
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