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Service Availability and Readiness Assessment 2012, (SARA)

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  • Masanja, Honorati (Ifakara Health Institute)
  • Smithson, Paul (Ifakara Health Institute)
  • Ipuge, Yahya (Ifakara Health Institute)
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  • Abstract

    The Tanzania “Service Availability and Readiness Assessment” provides a snapshot of the current status of health service provision in Mainland Tanzania in 2012. The study used an international standard questionnaire instrument and indicators. Data were collected from a sample of districts and health facilities to provide a representative portrayal of health services in the country as a whole. The survey provides estimates of general health care availability and readiness, as well as detailed assessments of specific areas of health care provision.

    The publication represents a major contribution to effective monitoring of health service delivery in the country. As well as filling an immediate information gap, the survey provides a “baseline” situation assessment against which future progress may be judged. The report also responds to the increased demand for accountability by publishing objective measures of service delivery capability. In highlighting areas of strength and weakness, the report will aid health planners and managers to prioritise effort and allocate resources.

Collection Mode
  • Face-to-face interview

Update Metadata: 2015-12-02 | Issue Number: 7 | Registration Date: 2015-12-02

Masanja, Honorati; Smithson, Paul; Ipuge, Yahya (2014): Service Availability and Readiness Assessment 2012, (SARA). Version: 04. ihi - Ifakara Health Institute. Dataset.