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Party Preferences Czech Republic 1996 (Trend)

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Institute for Public Opinion Research (IVVM), Prague, Czech Republic.
Other Title
  • Stranicke preference v Ceske republice 1996 (Trend) (Original Title)
Publication Date
  • Institute for Public Opinion Research (IVVM), Prague, Czech Republic (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Political Attitudes and Behavior
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion
    • Government, political systems and organisation
    • Elections
  • Abstract

    Judgement on parties and attitude toward current political questions. Cumulative data set of the monthly surveys in 1996. Topics: Participation in elections; voting in the 1996 election; decision to participate in elections and which party to vote; satisfaction with results of the elections; participation in the Senate elections and voting; trust in the Senator; interest in politics; satisfaction with political situation; left-right self placement (scale); trust in institutions and political leaders (Vaclav Havel (president)- Milos Zeman (CSSD leader)- Vaclav Klaus (ODS leader); transformation of the Czech economy; believe in God; living standard of the household; region; size of the community.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1996-01 / 1996-12
    The survey periods: 2nd-8. January 1996 2.-7. February 1996 1.-6. March 1996 1.-9. April 1996 30. April - 7 May 1996 3rd-10. June 1996 1st-10. July 1996 2nd-9. September 1996 1.-7. October 1996 1.-6. November 1996 2.-6. December 1996.
Geographic Coverage
  • Czech Republic (CZ)
Sampled Universe
The permanent residents of 15 years of age and older.
Sampling Procedure Comment: Quota sample. The quotas based on region, size of the community, sex, age and education
Collection Mode
  • Face-to-face interview with standardized questionnaire
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 13089
    Number of Variables: 50
The data set is part of the "Party Preferences Czech Republic Series". It was created by merging data from the monthly public opinion surveys in 1996. January 1996 1023 February 1996 997 March 1996 1041 April 1996 1025 May 1996 1011 June 1996 1035 July 1996 984 August1996 1028 September 1996 1461 October 1996 1490 November 1996 1001 December 1996 993 Further merged data sets are archived under the ZA Study Nos.: 3889 (1998), 3890 (1999), 3891 (2000) and 3892 (2001). Between 1990 and 2000 the surveys were carried out by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (Institut pro vyzkum verejneho mineni, IVVM;, at the Federal Statistical Office (later Czech Statistical Office, In 2000 the IVVM was abolished and the Center for Public Opinion Research (Centrum pro vyzkum verejneho mineni, CVVM) continued the program. CVVM is a department of the Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic ( The original data sets are available at the Sociological Data Archive (SDA), Prague ( Further Election Studies from Eastern Europe are archived under the ZA Study Nos.: 2465-2469, 2485-2488, 2560-2562, 2811-2819, 2901-2912, 3053-3057, 3123-3126, 3175-3176, 3215-3218, 3527-3539, 3631-3633 and 3888-3893.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA3888 (Type: ZA-No.)

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Institute for Public Opinion Research (IVVM), Prague, Czech Republic. (2003): Party Preferences Czech Republic 1996 (Trend). Version: 1.0.0. GESIS Data Archive. Dataset.