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Flash Eurobarometer 151 (Iraq and peace in the world)

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Europäische Kommission
Publication Date
  • Soufflot de Magny, Renaud (Europäische Kommission, Brüssel) (Researcher)
  • Debyser, Ariane (Europäische Kommission, Brüssel) (Researcher)
  • TNS DIMARSO, Brüssel (Data Collector)
  • TNS GALLUP, Kopenhagen (Data Collector)
  • TNS EMNID, Bielefeld (Data Collector)
  • TNS ICAP, Athen (Data Collector)
  • TNS DEMOSCOPIA, Madrid (Data Collector)
  • SOFRES, Montrouge, Frankreich (Data Collector)
  • IRISH MARKETING SURVEYS, Dublin (Data Collector)
  • DOXA, Mailand (Data Collector)
  • TNS ILRES, Luxemburg (Data Collector)
  • TNS NIPO, Amsterdam (Data Collector)
  • TNS EUROTESTE, Lissabon (Data Collector)
  • ICM, London (Data Collector)
  • TNS SVENSKA GALLUP, Stockholm (Data Collector)
  • TNS SUOMEN GALLUP, Espoo, Finnland (Data Collector)
  • ÖSTERREICHISCHES GALLUP, Wien (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • International Institutions, Relations, Conditions
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • International politics and organisation
    • Conflict, security and peace
  • Abstract

    Attitude towards the rebuilding of Iraq. Topics: attitude towards the military intervention of the USA and their allies in Iraq; preferred institution to manage the rebuilding of Iraq: USA, EU and its member states, United Nations, provisional government in Iraq; preferred institution to finance the rebuilding of Iraq: USA, EU and its member states, United Nations, provisional government in Iraq; preferred institution to guarantee security in Iraq during the period of rebuilding the country: USA, USA and some of their allies, multinational force acting on behalf of the UN under the command of the USA, United Nations and their peacekeeping forces, EU and its member states, United Nations, provisional government in Iraq; attitude towards selected propositions on measures during the after war period in Iraq: financial participation of own country, reinforcement of humanitarian aid from own country, sending of troops of the own country to maintain peace; attitude towards the following propositions concerning the role of the EU in the Middle East: should play an effective role in the resolving of the peace process, should encourage political and cultural relations between Europe and Arab countries, should support the re-establishment of an Iraqi government as quickly as possible; impact of the war in Iraq on the role of the EU on the international scene; assessment of the threat of terrorism in the own country; threat of selected countries to the peace in the world; assessment of the EU’s foreign policy as too close to that of the USA. Demography: sex; age; age at end of education; occupation; professional position; region; type of community. Additionally coded was: interviewer ID; country; respondent ID; weighting factor.
Temporal Coverage
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-16
  • 2003-10-10 / 2003-10-15
  • 2003-10-09 / 2003-10-13
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-13
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-14
  • 2003-10-09 / 2003-10-16
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-10
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-13
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-12
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-14
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-13
  • 2003-10-09 / 2003-10-14
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-15
  • 2003-10-09 / 2003-10-13
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-14
  • 2003-10-08 / 2003-10-13
    United Kingdom
Geographic Coverage
  • Belgium (BE)
  • Denmark (DK)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Greece (GR)
  • Spain (ES)
  • France (FR)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Luxembourg (LU)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Austria (AT)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Finland (FI)
  • Sweden (SE)
  • United Kingdom (GB)
Sampled Universe
Population aged 15 years and over
Collection Mode
  • Telephone interview
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 7511
    Number of Variables: 59
Please note that Flash Eurobarometer 151 (Iraq and the peace in the world / ZA4164) and Flash Eurobarometer 151b (Globalisation / ZA4183) have been conducted together in the same telephone survey. The questions on Globalisation are included in the questionnaires of Flash Eurobarometer 151.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA4164 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Internationale Umfrageprogramme (Type: FDZ)
  • Is new version of
    DOI: 10.4232/1.4164
  • European Commission; Taylor Nelson Sofres; EOS Gallup Europe Iraq and Peace in the World. Brussels: European Commission November 2003

Update Metadata: 2020-10-21 | Issue Number: 90 | Registration Date: 2011-05-24

Europäische Kommission (2011): Flash Eurobarometer 151 (Iraq and peace in the world). Version: 1.0.1. GESIS Data Archive. Dataset.