Indiana University Sexual Diversity Study

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  • Herbenick, Debby (Indiana University)
  • Dodge, Brian (Indiana University)
  • Fu, Tsung-Chieh (Jane) (Indiana University)
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  • No. 9 Ventures LLC
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sexual behavior; sexual diversity
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    In 2015, we conducted a cross-sectional, Internet-based U.S. nationally representative probability survey of 2,021 adults (975 men, 1,046 women) focused on a broad range of sexual behaviors. Participants reported on demographic items, lifetime and recent sexual behaviors, and the appeal of 50+ sexual behaviors. Most (>80%) reported lifetime masturbation, vaginal sex, and oral sex. Lifetime anal sex was reported by 43% of men (insertive) and 37% of women (receptive). Common lifetime sexual behaviors included wearing sexy lingerie/underwear (75% women, 26% men), sending/receiving digital nude/semi-nude photos (54% women, 65% men), reading erotic stories (57% of participants), public sex (≥43%), role-playing (≥22%), tying/being tied up (≥20%), spanking (≥30%), and watching sexually explicit videos/DVDs (60% women, 82% men). Threesomes (10% women, 18% men) and playful whipping (≥13%) were less common. Lifetime group sex, sex parties, taking a sexuality class/workshop, and going to BDSM parties were uncommon (<8%). More Americans identified behaviors as “appealing” than had engaged in them. Romantic/affectionate behaviors were among those most commonly identified as appealing for both men and women. With the exception of anal sex, the appeal of particular behaviors was associated with greater odds that the individual had ever engaged in the behavior.
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  • United States
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    DOI: 10.3886/E100426V3

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