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On the Function of Literature in Personality Development of Young People 1981 (Fiction)

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Zentralinstitut für Jugendforschung (ZIJ), Leipzig
Publication Date
  • Zentralinstitut fuer Jugendforschung, Leipzig (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Society, Culture
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Cultural activities and participation
    • Mass media
    • Youth
  • Abstract

    Leisure contents, expectations of current literature, attitude to reading and reading habits, preferred literature, valuations on the publisher "Neues Leben" and the magazine "Temperamente". Topics: Extent of leisure time; leisure activities such as sport, further education, discotheques, movies, circle of friends, political information, television, theater, literature; proportion of reading in leisure time; preferred literature genres of partner; recommendations for reading from other persons and media; desire for more time for reading; time available for reading yesterday; reading belletristic literature with concurrent use of secondary media such as radio, television or recorder, tape, record; number of books of different literature genres read in the last quarter; current stress from reading technical literature in leisure time; frequency of reading literature series in the last quarter (scale); reading a serialized novel in picture magazines or daily newspapers; continuity of reading journals and magazines; number of issues of "Temperamente" read; following literature criticism in various media (scale); interest in books from various literature areas (scale); reading of works of different literary epochs (scale); valuation of individual book titles (scale); number of books in one's family; personal possession of books of different literature genres (scale); regularity of checking books out of public libraries; frequency of trips to book stores and number of books purchased in the last month; preferred place to purchase books; expectations of book illustrations (scale); point in time, duration of reading and evaluation of last book read; source of this book; motives for reading this book; classification of book in literature genre and evaluation; knowledge about the publisher "Neues Leben"; knowledge about the book series of the publisher (scale); knowledge about the books of various authors of the publisher (scale); evaluation of various book titles of the publisher (scale); interest in less well-known authors; expectations of current literature (scale); evaluation of presentation of current problems in various art forms (scale); personal literary activity; library in place of residence; membership in social organizations; occupation of respondent and partner; occupation of father or mother; shift work; evaluation of conditions at work or in training (scale); supplemental form "Temperamente": reasons for reading this magazine (scale); evaluation of individual articles of "Temperamente" (scale); changed frequency of reading the magazine depending on content changes (scale); evaluation of graphic structuring of the magazine (scale); preferred place to purchase the magazine; desired cycle of appearance of the magazine; valuation of individual articles.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1981
    Autumn 1981
Geographic Coverage
  • German Democratic Republic (1949-1990) (DDDE)
    GDR: districts Halle, Leipzig, Neubrandenburg, Potsdam, Schwerin, Berlin
Sampled Universe
Sample of schoolchildren of the 9th to 12th grades, apprentices (industry and agriculture), skilled workers, students (colleges and technical colleges), members of the intelligentsia.
Sampling Procedure Comment:
Collection Mode
  • Written survey
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 1459
    Number of Variables: 211
A comparable study of popular scientific literature is archived under ZA Study No. 6038.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA6037 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Lindner, B.; Wiedemann, D.: Jugend und Literatur: Hauptbericht zur Untersuchung "Buch ´81". Leipzig 1983. ZIJ: F 83/41.
  • Lindner, B.; Stiehler, H.-J.; Tinschert, U.: Zum Verhältnis Jugendlicher zur populärwissenschaftlichen Literatur. Kurzbericht. Leipzig 1982. ZIJ: F 82/23.
  • Lindner, B.: Zum Verhältnis Jugendlicher zur belletristischen Literatur: Kurzbericht. Leipzig 1983. ZIJ.

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Zentralinstitut für Jugendforschung (ZIJ), Leipzig (1981): Zur Funktion von Literatur in der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung Jugendlicher 1981 (Belletristik). Version: 1.0.0. GESIS Datenarchiv. Dataset.