Youth in Leipzig 1991

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Gesellschaft für Jugend- und Sozialforschung Leipzig
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  • Gesellschaft fuer Jugend- und Sozialforschung Leipzig (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Family
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Employment
    • Vocational education
    • Post-compulsory education
    • Community, urban and rural life
    • Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion
    • Government, political systems and organisation
    • Youth
  • Abstract

    General well-being, moral orientations, experience of danger and migration readiness. Topics: Sense of well-being in Leipzig and length of residence; characteristics of Leipzig (scale); migration readiness and reasons for migration intents (scale); satisfaction with cultural, social and housing conditions or service facilities in the city; preferred place of residence; possession of consumer goods (scale); occupation with computers or possibilities to use one; goals in life (scale); factors for happiness in life (scale); attitude to achievement demands (scale); feeling of threat from environmental pollution, unemployment, violence and crime (scale); attitude to foreigners, violence and rampage; attitude to characteristics of municipal politics and personal municipal political activity; frequency of use of media and other sources of information; assessment of authorities in Leipzig; necessity of improvement in the situation in life of young people; assessment of the opportunities to participate in municipal questions; trust in institutions and persons (scale); sympathy for political parties and movements; current or future membership in youth organizations (scale); weekly time expended for leisure activities (scale); belonging to an inofficial youth group; number of desired children; sexual conduct and use of opportunities to prevent; experiences with prostitution and drugs; attitude to abortion. Trainees: occupation situation of parents; characteristic of company doing the training; education year; training occupation; confidence in being able to work in the training occupation; identity of training occupation and desired occupation; desire to go to college; satisfaction with training situation, opportunities to have a say, working hours, social services, relations between people (scale); concerns regarding achievement demands, employment prospects, the family situation. Students: view of the future; occupation situation of parents and other relatives; major subject and second subject in studies; intent to change the college or university and reasons for this (scale); reasons for studies in Leipzig (scale); experiences in contact with students and East or West German teachers; commitment of East or West German teachers; intent to interrupt course of studies. Schoolchildren: current class level; remaining in current school; satisfaction with learning conditions (scale); desired occupation; desire to go to college; occupational situation of parents and close relatives; assessment of the effects of unemployment of parents on family atmosphere; occupational confidence. Unemployed: qualification; branch of economy of last position; unemployment in circle of relatives; length of unemployment up to now and expectation of new employment; reasons for continuation of unemployment; frequency of effort for a job; participation in retraining or qualification measures; personal feeling about unemployment; satisfaction with housing conditions and child care institutions. Working: satisfaction with working conditions (scale); determination of current position by company and branch of economy; type of activity and qualification; intents of occupational change and preferred type of change; assessment of personal realization of work demands; satisfaction with housing conditions.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1991-06 / 1991-07
Geographic Coverage
  • German Democratic Republic (1949-1990) (DDDE)
    GDR: Leipzig
Sampled Universe
Schoolchildren, apprentices, students, young employed and unemployed.
Sampling Procedure Comment: Quota sample
Collection Mode
  • Written survey in group association
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 1644
    Number of Variables: 313
On the comprehensive topic of youth socialization in upheaval further studies were conducted in 1992 in Goerlitz, ZA Study No. 6454, and in the rural region Borna/Geithain/Bad Lausick, ZA Study No. 6453.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA6452 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Universität Leipzig, Laboratorium für Studentenforschung; Gesellschaft für Jugend- und Sozialforschung e.V., Forschungsstelle für Ausbildungs- und Berufsforschung: Jugend in Leipzig 1991 - Zur Situation Jugendlicher in einer ostdeutschen Großstadt. Leipzig 1991. Forschungsbericht.

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