Working and Living Conditions as Component of Way of Life 1980

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Institut für Soziologie und Sozialpolitik an der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Berlin
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  • Institut fuer Soziologie und Sozialpolitik an der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Berlin (Data Collector)
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    • Society, Culture
  • Abstract

    Analysis of the connection of social structure, needs and social activity of production workers and research cadre in industry as well as of workmen. Topics: Characteristics of employment; working hours; shift work; changes at work; educational goals (scale); interest in qualification; additional qualification; current qualification and time expended for this; reasons for and against qualification; political further education; opportunities to improve readiness for further education; degree of political knowledge; agreement of qualification and work demands; awards in the last 10 years; length of belonging to work collective; climate in work collective; relationship between leader and collective; significance of readiness for action, conscientiousness, social activity in and outside of company and in work collective; membership in parties and mass organizations; honorary activities at work and in residential area; time expended for this; participation in the workers and farmers inspection, in the voluntary fire department, as People's Police helper, civil defense, battle group, FDJ supervisory position and time expended for this; reasons for participation in these organizations; degree of involvement with changes at work and in residential area as well as reasons for this; influence on work technology, work organization, management and planning, working and living conditions, qualification; education of colleagues, culture and education work; innovator recommendations; time expended for innovator activity; number and ages of children in household; activity of father and mother; additional income; employment and income of spouse; extent of leisure time; housework; preferred leisure activities; importance of selected areas of life such as social security, education, family, supply, traffic conditions, medical care, services, opportunities for local recreation, vacation, healthful nutrition, sport, friends; residential status; possession of leisure objects; satisfaction with residence; residency in residential area; activities to improve living conditions in residential area; reasons for non-participation in these activities; shift work of members of household; preferred areas for use of government price subsidies. Supplemental form: job description - physical demands, mental requirements, communication opportunities, materials for work; assessment of work activities. Supplemental form for workmen: contribution of private workmen to improve supply services.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1980-04
Geographic Coverage
  • German Democratic Republic (1949-1990) (DDDE)
    GDR: Berlin
Sampled Universe
Production workers as well as research and development cadre in two selected companies of light industry, private and co-operative workmen.
Sampling Procedure Comment:
Collection Mode
  • Written survey
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 339
    Number of Variables: 389
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA6891 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Institut für Soziologie und Sozialpolitik (Hrsg.): Ergebnisse der Pilotstudie 1980, SLAB'80. Forschungsbericht. Berlin 1981. GESIS-Außenstelle, Bereich Zentralarchiv: FOB-487.

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