EUvox2014: Voting Advice Application data for the 2014 European Parliament elections

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  • Mendez, Fernando (University of Zürich)
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    • Communication, Public Opinion, Media
    • Political Attitudes and Behavior
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    EUvox2014 was a Voting Advice Application (VAA) operating during the pre-electoral period of the 2014 European Parliament elections. VAAs are online platforms developed and published online in periods before elections with the purpose of providing prospective voters with information concerning their proximity to competing political parties, given their policy preferences. Users are able to visit these platforms and, after providing their agreement or disagreement with a number of policy statements, they are provided with measures of proximity to political parties or candidates, on the basis of the latter’s programmatic positions or estimates thereof. The dataset available in the present file contains responses of individual users to a number of questions that can be summarised into 6 categories: a) demographics, b) politics-related questions (e.g. vote intention), c) self-placement of users and parties on 3 axes: economic values (Left - Right), social values (Progressive – Cosnervative) and EU-integration (Pro – Against), d) Probability To Vote for competing parties, e) Policy preferences, f) Questions asked following the presentation of the results of the VAA to the user. Additionally encoded and included in the datasets are para- and meta-data, e.g. time and date of completion, web-browser used, response times for questions etc.
Temporal Coverage
  • 2014-05-25 / 2018-04-24
Sampled Universe
population with internet access
Self selected sample
Collection Mode
    • Fixed form self-administered questionnaire: Web-based
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  • Number of Variables: 132
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