Residential Buildings, Dwelling, Households and Population per Dwelling within the Territory of the Current North Rhine-Westphalia, 1870 to 1970

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Klaudat, Harald
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    The available data show the development of total residential buildings, including mixed-use buildings (e.g. non-residential buildings, which also include dwellings or housing opportunities), emergency accommodation and dwellings. In addition, the number of households per dwelling and the population per dwelling are reported for 83 years. These data show the evolution of the quality of housing and the proportion of particularly precarious dwellings over time. The compilation is based on the comprehensive population and building censuses carried out since 1871. Due to the extensive territorial changes over the 83-year period covered, which thus also cover a period prior to the existence of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia, the comments are of particular importance. Due to the considerable scope of the study description the comments are additionally offered via a downloadable PDF file. The data on residential buildings are part of an extremely comprehensive data compilation of the primary researcher Harald Klaudat. This data compilation is divided into several sub-studies. While the study ZA8682 focuses on population and therefore presents the distribution of the population according to age, sex, and marital status as well as the number of births and deaths, the study ZA8683 presents the development of religious affiliation of the population in North Rhine-Westphalia over 120 years. This study with the number ZA8706 is dedicated to the sub-area of residential buildings. While the data of the studies ZA8682 and ZA8683 are under the online-database Histat topic ´Population´, this part of the study was imported under the topic ´Building´ in histat. The data refer to the following administrative districts with their urban districts, independent towns, and rural districts: 01. Regierungsbezirk (= county) Aachen 02. Regierungsbezirk (= county) Arnsberg 03. Regierungsbezirk (= county) Düsseldorf 04. Regierungsbezirk (= county) Cologne 05. Regierungsbezirk (= county) Minden resp. Detmold 06. Regierungsbezirk (= county) Münster 07. Gesamtgebiet NRW (whole territory or North Rhine-Westphalia in general) The following topics are covered in the data tables for each administrative district: - Area of the respective county or district - Number of normal residential buildings - Number of non-residential buildings containing apartments. - Number of temporary dwellings and accommodation occupied. - Total number of dwellings (= sum of ´normal residential buildings´ + ´non-residential buildings with dwellings´ + ´inhabited emergency dwellings and accommodation´) per square km - Inhabitants per square km - Inhabitants per dwelling - Households per dwelling This data is available for the following occupational and census data: - 1.12.1885 (territory of 1885) - 1.12.1900 (territory of 1900) - 1.12.1910 (territory of 1910/12) - 13.9.1950 (territory of 1950) - 6.6.1961 (territory of 1961) - 25.10.1968 (territory of 1970) - 31.12.1968 for inhabitants per sqkm and per dwelling and for households per dwelling (territory of 1.1.1970) Datatables in HISTAT, Topic ´Bauen´ 1 Reg-Bez. Aachen: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 2a Reg-Bez. Arnsberg, Stadtkreise: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 2b Reg-Bez. Arnsberg, Landkreise: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 3a Reg-Bez. Düsseldorf, Stadtkriese: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 3b Reg-Bez. Düsseldorf, Landkreise: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 4 Reg-Bez. Koeln: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 5 Reg-Bez. Minden bzw. Detmold/ Land Lippe bis 1947: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 6 Reg-Bez. Münster: Wohngebäude 1885-1968 7 Gesamtgebiet bzw. Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW): Wohngebäude 1885-1968
Temporal Coverage
  • 1885 / 1968
Geographic Coverage
  • North Rhine-Westphalia (DE-NW)
    North Rhine-Westphalia and is countries, urban and rural districts, and its independent cities.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA8706 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Harald Klaudat (1999), Bevölkerung und Erwerbstätigkeit 1850-1970. Eine historische Statistik für die kreisfreien Städte und Kreise und deren Vorgänger im Gebiet von Nordrhein-Westfalen. Herausgegeben vom Landesamt für Datenverarbeitung und Statistik Nordrhein-Westfalen. Düsseldorf. (Teil 3: Wohngebäude.)

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