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SHP Vaud Waves 1-5

Resource Type
  • Bühlmann, Felix
  • Dasoki, Nora
  • Spini, Dario
  • Tillmann, Robin
  • Kühr, Judith
Publication Date
  • FORS - Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences
  • CESSDA Topics Classification:
    • Social change
    • Social behaviour and attitudes
  • Abstract

    The principal aim of the Swiss Household Panel (SHP) is to observe social change, in particular the dynamics of changing living conditions and representations in the population of Switzerland. Covering a broad range of topics and approaches in the social sciences, SHP is a yearly panel with rotating modules following three random samples of private households in Switzerland over time, interviewing all household members, mainly by telephone. SHP Vaud can be essentially seen as an SHP oversample. Indeed, as the different waves of the SHP and the SHP Vaud run in parallel, both surveys share the same questions and modules. That said, SHP VAUD is distinguished from SHP by a specific reference population. First, people and household coming exclusively from the canton of Vaud. Second, facing a data lack about low income housholds and poverty trajectories, the Department of Health and Social Services of the canton of Vaud, decided to overrepresent low income households in the additionnel cantonal sample. In addition, a small set of SHP Vaud questions are different, comparing to the SHP; some were added, some other were slightly modified to better comply to the specific lived experience of the studied population.
Temporal Coverage
  • 2013-
Geographic Coverage
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Canton of Vaud
Sampled Universe
Private households living in the canton of Vaud
Random sampling :
Time Dimension
  • Longitudinal
Collection Mode
  • Telephone interview (CATI, etc.)
  • Self-administered writings and/or diaries
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Update Metadata: 2019-01-08 | Issue Number: 1 | Registration Date: 2019-01-08

Bühlmann, Felix; Dasoki, Nora; Spini, Dario; Tillmann, Robin; Kühr, Judith (2019): SHP Vaud Waves 1-5. Version: 2.0.0. FORS - Swiss Center for Expertise in Social Research. Dataset.