ETA 9050: First Payment Time Lapse

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  • United States. Unemployment Insurance Service
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Partial Total First Payments; Part Total First Payments; unemployment; unemployment benefits
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    The ETA 9050 report contains monthly information on first payment time lapse. This report concerns the time it takes States to pay benefits to claimants for the first compensable week of unemployment. Similar time lapse data were formerly reported in Section C of the ETA 5159 report. That data addressed first payment time lapse for total unemployment only. This report contains monthly time lapse data for all first payments, i.e., total, partial and part-total. A separate section of this report is reserved for Workshare (Short-Time Compensation) first payments only. Workshare will be reported separately and is excluded from that part of the report for "ALL" first payments.
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  • United States
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  • These data have been collected monthly.


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