ETA 207: Nonmonetary Determinations Activities Report

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  • United States Department of Labor. Office of Unemployment Insurance
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Appeals; decisions; remands; higher authority; lower authority; misconduct; able and available; refusal of suitable work; voluntary quit
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    The data reported on the ETA 207 provides current information on the volume and nature of nonmonetary determinations and denials under state, UCFE and UCX unemployment insurance programs. Agencies use the data to project budget and workloads, evaluate law changes, appraise disqualification processes and relate actions to benefit appeals. The National Office uses it to determine workload counts, to analyze the ratio of disqualifications to determinations, and to examine and evaluate the program effect of nonmonetary activities. The regular report includes data from the regular program and the Short Time Compensation (STC) Program also known as Worksharing. The regular report will not include workload under the Additional Benefits (AB) program.
Collection Mode
  • These data have been collected monthly.


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