Hanseatic City of Bruges: Tax revenues from commercial production, 1496-1660

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Andries, Marc
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    The Hanseatic Economic Area is defined as the area between England and Flanders in the West and Western Russia in the East, between the Scandinavian countries in the North and the Central German area in the South, where the majority of Hanseatic merchants pursued economic interests. This study was carried out as part of a joint project entitled "Economic Exchange Situations in the Hanseatic Economic Area 1300-1800". The research project "Economic Exchange Sites in the Hanseatic Economic Area 1300-1800" was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation as part of its funding priority "Research on Early Modern History: The Old Reich in a European Context". It is an international joint project with a centre at the "Research Centre for the History of the Hanseatic League and the Baltic Sea Region" at the Office for Culture of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The subproject "Economic change locations of the Hanseatic City of Bruges" was managed by Marc Andries. The study "Bruges" comprises a total of 6 time series from the period between 1490 and 1660. According to their function, they are exclusively time series on industrial production, whereby the urban income from production is recorded here in the form of tax revenues. Listing and description of the individual time series according to the schema Series_ID: Title of the series (period from - to) Z119 Bruges: Taxation of cereals, 1496-1660 Z247 Bruges: Taxation of wine in Groten, 1496-1660 Z248 Bruges: Taxation of Bruges beer, 1496-1660 Z249 Bruges: Taxation of foreign beers, 1496-1660 Z527 Bruges: Taxation of brandy in Groten, 1562-1660 Z250 Bruges: Brewers´ tonnage money Scientific publications which were used to collect the data in addition to the primary sources used in the archives: - Vandewalle, André: Beknopte inventaris van het Stadsarchief van Brugge. Deel I: oud archief, Brügge, 1979, S. 206-210. - Wyffels, Carlos / Vandewalle, André: De rekeningen van de stad Brugge (1280-1319). Tweede deel (1302-1306), (Brussel, 1996), een fundamenteel titanenwerk dat hopelijk wordt verder gezet.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1496 / 1660
Geographic Coverage
  • West-Vlaanderen (BE-VWV)
    Bruges as Member of the Hanseatic League
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