Stade: trade and transport, urban pension and real estate markets, commercial production 1650-1800.

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  • Bohmbach, Jürgen
  • Ellermeyer, Jürgen
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    The Hanseatic Economic Area is defined as the area between England and Flanders in the West and Western Russia in the East, between the Scandinavian countries in the North and the Central German area in the South, where the majority of Hanseatic merchants pursued economic interests. This study was carried out as part of a joint project entitled ´Economic fluctuations in the hanseatic Economic area between 1300-1800´. This joint research project was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation as part of its funding priority ´Research on Early Modern History: The Old Reich in a European Context´. It is an international joint project with a center at the ´Research Centre for the History of the Hanseatic League and the Baltic Sea Region´ at the Office for Culture of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The subproject ´Economic situations of the Hanseatic city Stade´ was managed by Juergen Bohmbach. The study comprises a total of 11 time series from the period between 1650 and 1800. According to their function, these are time series on commercial production, trade and services as well as price series. List of the individual time series: Z013 Stade and environs: Turnover of the real estate market in Mark Lübisch Z015 Stade, Turnover of silk merchants (and pharmacists) according to the information in the Kämmerei invoices in Mark Lübisch, 1660-1810 Z016 Stade, Trading turnover of wall cutters in Mark Lübisch, 1655-1800 Z017 Stade, Trading turnover of the Beikrämer (dealers) in Mark Lübisch, 1655-1800 Z018 Stade, Trading turnover of various goods (traders) in Mark Lübisch, 1655-1800 Z019 Stade, beer production in tons, 1655-1800 Z020 Stade, vinegar export in tons, 1679-1800 Z021 Stade, Income from the Weekly Collections for the City Poor Calculation and the Income from the Weekly Collections for the Institute for Poor Persons and Labour in Mark Lübisch, 1653-1800 Z022 Stade, selling prices for rye according to the invoices of Stader Siechenhof, achieved shortly after Michaelis, in Mark Lübisch, 1678-1800 Z254 Stade: Number of pension sales (in the city of Stade), 1452-1719 (by Jürgen Ellermeyer) Z253 Stade: Turnover from pension sales, 1451-1719 (by Jürgen Ellermeyer) Scientific publications, which had been used to collect the data in addition to the use of primary sources in the archives: Bohmbach, J., ed.: Stade. Von den Siedlungsanfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Stade, 1994. Ellermeyer, J.: Stade 1300-1399. Liegenschaften und Rentenin Stadt und Land. Untersuchungen zur Wirtschafts- undSozialstruktur einer Hansischen Landstadt im Spätmittelalter,Stade 1975 (Einzelschriften des Stader Geschichts- und Heimatvereins Band 25). Kroll, Stefan: Stadtgesellschaft und Krieg. Sozialstruktur, Bevölkerung und Wirtschaft in Stralsund und Stade 1700 bis 1715 (= Göttinger Beiträge zur Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte, Band 18). Schwartz, Göttingen 1997. Kroll, Stefan: Stade um 1700 - Sozialthopographie einer deutschen Provinzhauptstadt unter schwedischer Herrschaft. Stade 1992 (Veröffentlichungen aus dem Stadtarchiv Stade, Band 16).
Temporal Coverage
  • 1650 / 1800
Geographic Coverage
  • Lower Saxony (DE-NI)
    Hanseatic City Stade
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