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Children's wages Britain 1280 1860

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Dataset : survey data
  • Horrell, Sara (University of Cambridge UK)
  • Humphries, Jane (University of Oxford)
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  • Abstract

    Children’s work and wages in Britain, 1280-1860 Sara Horrell and Jane Humphries
    University of Cambridge and University of Oxford
    14th April 2019
    Data used for ‘Children’s work and wages in Britain, 1280-1860’, Explorations in Economic History

    3873 observations of children’s work and wages were collected from nearly 200 different sources to construct a series of children’s wages over the long run. The sources and the methods used to ensure a comparable dataset are detailed in the accompanying article. In brief, details on each child (sex, age, whether they worked alongside an adult), the type of work (job, occupation, sector), the remuneration (pay in cash and payment period, receipt of in kind benefits: board, lodging, clothing), year and county in which the child was observed, and details of the data source (primary, secondary; purpose for which data was originally recorded – household account, census of the poor, manorial account etc) were used to construct the initial dataset. Consistent variables were then created to reflect real reward to a day of work (payment in cash per day worked with the addition of perquisites, typically awarded for a full year but allocated pro-rata onto days of work) measured in terms of R.C. Allen’s respectability basket, and the standard of living per day in the year (cash payment for a year with the addition of a year’s worth of perquisites where applicable) relative to the cost of the Allen basket for 365 days. Initially these measures assume a constant 250 days worked in a year, but we also look at these measures under a variable working year assumption. The paper details our findings.

    Dataset: childwagedatadeposit.sav
    SPSS file, Report generates a codebook for the file

    Additional information: Data sources. Document detailing where the original data can be located. Linked to ‘source’ variable in the dataset.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1280-01-01 / 1860-12-31
    Time Period: Mon Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1280--Mon Dec 31 00:00:00 EST 1860
  • 2015-01-01 / 2018-12-31
    Collection Date(s): Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 2015--Mon Dec 31 00:00:00 EST 2018
Geographic Coverage
  • Britain
Sampled Universe
Children's work and wagesSmallest Geographic Unit: region UK
Collection Mode
  • Collected from multiple historical sources, see data source file and accompanying paper


Update Metadata: 2019-04-13 | Issue Number: 1 | Registration Date: 2019-04-13

Horrell, Sara; Humphries, Jane (2019): Children's wages Britain 1280 1860. Version: 1. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.