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Workplace Sexual Harassment Survey, 1971-2002. Replication Dataset.

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  • Kalev, Alexandra (Tel Aviv University, Sociology)
  • Dobbin, Frank (Harvard University, Sociology)
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Funding Reference
  • National Science Foundation Grant
    • Award Number: SES-0336642
  • Russell Sage Foundation Grant
  • Abstract

    The goal of the survey was to examine the determinants and effects of corporate innovations in the realms of harassment prevention and workforce diversity. Data come from a retrospective survey with a stratified random national sample of establishments drawn from the 1999 EEO1 files, matched with confidential government data from EEO1 reports on the workforce composition of surveyed establishments. These confidential data can be obtained through an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreement. The sample was stratified by industry (sampling equally from food, chemicals, computer equipment, transportation equipment, wholesale trade, retail trade, insurance, business services, and health services); by size (selecting 35% of the establishments with fewer than 500 employees in 1999); and by "age" in the EEO-1 dataset (we chose half of the sample from establishments that had been in the dataset since at least 1980, and half from those that had been in the dataset since at least 1992). Surveys were conducted with human resources managers or general managers, who were asked about the adoption of a list of personnel policies and programs and the years of adoption. The survey was conducted in 2002 by the Princeton University Survey Research Center. Additional information about the survey can be found in the Supporting Information for the PNAS article related to these data. Full citation information will be updated when it becomes available. Information is also available in: Kalev Alexandra, Frank Dobbin and Erin Kelly. (2006). Best Practices or Best Guesses? Assessing the Efficacy of Corporate Affirmative Action and Diversity Policies. American Sociological Review, 71(4), 589-617

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Kalev, Alexandra; Dobbin, Frank (2019): Workplace Sexual Harassment Survey, 1971-2002. Replication Dataset.. Version: 3. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.