Panel on Household Finances 2nd Wave

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  • Schmidt, Tobias (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Zhu, Junyi (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Le Blanc, Julia (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Tzamourani, Panagiota (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Altmann, Kristina (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Gabor, Eniko (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Werner, Daniel (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Pham-Dao, Lien (Deutsche Bundesbank)
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  • PHF (Alternative Title)
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Controlled Keywords
  • TheSozWiss:
    • assets
    • finance
    • consumption
    • demographic situation
    • credit
    • Intergenerational relations
    • employment
    • income
    • pension
    • insurance
    • expectation
    • private economy
Free Keywords
Real assets and their financing; Other liabilties/credit constraints; Private businesses and financial assets; Intergenerational transfers and gifts; Pensions and insurance
  • Abstract

    The PHF scientific use file Wave 2 Version 3.0 data set is the second updated version of the wave 2 PHF data set and consists of the following five Stata files: PHF_h_wave2_v3_0.dta, PHF_p_wave2_v3_0.dta, PHF_m_wave2_v3_0.dta, PHF_d_wave2_v3_0.dta and PHF_w_wave2_v3_0.dta.

    The major changes in SUF Wave 2 Version 3.0 compared to SUF Wave 2 Version 2.0 are as follows:

    • Editing and correction of some values.

    For more details, see the PHF User Guide on website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Temporal Coverage
  • 2014-04-14 / 2014-11-09
    Second Wave
  • 2014-04-14 / 2014-11-09
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
Sampled Universe

All private households located in Germany except institutional households (in old-age homes, prisons, barracks etc.)


Stratified random sample based on population registers; oversampling of wealthy households

Time Dimension
  • Longitudinal: Panel
    every three years
  • Longitudinal: Panel
Collection Mode
  • Face-to-face interview: CAPI/CAMI
  • CATI option for personal interviews

  • CATI option for personal interviews

  • Continues
    DOI: 10.12757/PHF.01.03.01.stata
  • Is new version of
    DOI: 10.12757/Bbk.PHF.02.02.01
  • Vermögen und Finanzen privater Haushalte in Deutschland: Ergebnisse der Vermögensbefragung 2014. Deutsche Bundesbank Monatsberichtsaufsatz März 2016.

  • Knerr, Petra; Aust, Folkert; Chudziak, Nina; Gilberg, Reiner; Kleudgen, Martin (2016): Methodenbericht. Private Haushalte und ihre Finanzen (PHF) 2. Erhebungswelle 2014. infas.

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