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Effect of teachers unions, 2003-2012, US

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  • Han, Eunice (University of Utah)
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    This paper examines how teachers unions affect teachers’ well-being under various legal institutions. Using a district-teacher matched dataset, this study identifies the union effects by three approaches. First, I contrast teacher outcomes across different state laws towards unions. Second, I compare the union-nonunion differentials within the same legal environment, using multilevel models and propensity score matching. Finally, unexpected legal changes restricting the collective bargaining of teachers in four states form a natural experiment, allowing me to use the difference-in-difference estimation to identify the causal effect of weakening unionism on teacher outcomes. I find that i) many teachers join unions even when bargaining is rarely or never available, and meet-and-confer or union membership rate affects teachers’ lives in the absence of a bargaining contract, ii) how unions influence teacher outcomes vary greatly by different legal environment, iii) the changes in public policy limiting teachers’ bargaining rights significantly decrease teacher compensation.

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Han, Eunice (2019): Effect of teachers unions, 2003-2012, US. Version: 1. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.