Living Quality in Bitburg-Prüm (2016)

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Jacob, Rüdiger (Universität Trier)
  • Kopp, Johannes (Universität Trier)
  • Kaucher, Mareike (Universität Trier)
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  • University of Trier (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • Society, Culture
    • Community, Living Environment
    • Medicine
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Leisure, tourism and sport
    • Community, urban and rural life
    • Social conditions and indicators
    • Health care and medical treatment
    • Migration
  • Abstract

    Place of residence. Moving in and out. Neighbours and family. Volunteers and associations. Infrastructure. Leisure time. Medical care and health. Life in old age. Life in youth. Refugees and migration. Topics: Assessment of the place of residence; impact of various aspects on the quality of life; residential status; type of house purchase (purchase, new construction, inheritance); reasons for a pleasant life in the place of residence; suggestions for improvement of the place of residence; poor condition of buildings, streets, squares or areas in the place of residence; particularly disturbing aspects in the place of residence (open); assessment of the quality of life in the place of residence. Moving in and out: duration of residence at the place of residence (since birth or year of move); reasons for the move; intention to move; reasons for the intended move; planned move within the place of residence, within Germany or abroad. Neighbours and family: neighbourly relationship; proportion of neighbours with whom a friendly relationship exists; assessment of community life in the place of residence; place of residence of friends and acquaintances; contact person for advice, practical help and talks about wishes and concerns; importance of close family members, relatives, friends and neighbours; close relationship with various family members; family members with whom there is no longer any contact. Voluntary work and associations: current or former voluntary work; areas of voluntary work (today and in the past); place of voluntary work (only place of residence, in the place of residence and in other places, only in other places); willingness to use or provide various services as neighbourly help (now or in the future). Infrastructure: evaluation of the public transport connection of the place of residence; regular bus use; criteria for the willingness to (regularly) use the bus; preferred place for the purchase of food; satisfaction with the shopping possibilities for food in the place of residence or in the residential region; means of transport used for shopping; Internet use at home; evaluation of the speed of the Internet connection. Leisure: satisfaction with leisure facilities in the place of residence; leisure facilities and places used. Medical care and health: physical impairments during various activities (carrying shopping bags, climbing stairs, walking long distances uphill, carrying heavy objects); family doctor; number of consultations with the family doctor in the last twelve months; means of transport used to get to the family doctor; willingness only to use medical care centres (MVZ); assessment of medical care in the region; expected future problems with medical care at the place of residence; kind of expected problems (open). Life in old age: assessment of the suitability of the place of residence for life in old age with regard to various aspects; areas in urgent need of improvement (open); opinion on various forms of housing in old age; accessibility of the house or apartment; conversion of the current apartment or move into a barrier-free apartment in case of acute need; importance of various offers and possibilities for living in old age. Living in the youth: Evaluation of different offers and possibilities for young people and young adults in the Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm; suggestions for improvement. Refugees and migrants: worries or hopes because of the influx of refugees and migrants into the district; kind of these hopes and worries; countries from which Germany should no longer accept refugees. Demography: sex; age (year of birth); marital status; steady partner; children; place of residence of children; children attending kindergarten or school; employment status; place of work; time spent travelling to work; means of transport used to get to work; highest general school leaving certificate; number of cars in the household. Additionally coded: respondent-ID.
Temporal Coverage
  • 2015-12-14 / 2016-01-31
Geographic Coverage
  • Rhineland-Palatinate (DE-RP)
    Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm
Sampled Universe
Persons aged 16 and over
Time Dimension
  • Cross-section
Collection Mode
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
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  • Number of Variables: 416
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  • ZA5544 (Type: ZA-No.)

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