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Qualitative Report on the Puerto Rico’s Police Department Sustainable Reform: The Feedback of Nine (9) Community Focus Groups in Puerto Rico (2017)

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  • Blanco-Peck, Richard (TCAPR Corporation)
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    The purpose of this qualitative study was to collect and analyze information from nine (9) homogeneous focus groups. These groups were from residents of communities with a sensitive relationship with the Puerto Rico’s Police Department. In this way, we could know their impression after three (3) years of the Sustainable Reform of the Department and comply with paragraph 241 of the agreement established by the Federal District Court of Puerto Rico. This exhaustive study was established by means of a contract with the TCA, PR Corporation from the Office of the Technical Compliance Advisor of the Puerto Rico’s Police Department Reform, in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, committed to the Department of Justice of the United States of America. The groups were chosen through several meetings with the "CORE TEAM" of the TCA and community leaders, employing specific information of the public hearings held by the Federal District Court of Puerto Rico in several municipalities of Puerto Rico. Participants in these groups were hired according to the profile of each community by our coordinators, with the valuable support of community leaders and community support centers. These focus groups were: 1. LGBTT community group, from different municipalities, gathered in a San Juan community center 2. group of Homeless /Addicts assembled on the outskirts of the Manuel A. Pérez López Public Housing Building, San Juan; 3. group of Homeless in Rehabilitation grouped in center at Georgetti Street in Río Piedras; 4. group of Dominican residents constituted in the lounge of the Rio Piedras market, San Juan; 5. group of residents of the Luis Lloren’s Torres Public Housing Building of San Juan gather together at building’s communal center; 6. group of University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez campus students meeting at the School of Civil Engineering; 7. Professional Black Ethnic Group met at “Hill Brother’s” community center, Carolina; 8. group of 3. Women Victims of Crime gathered at Puerta de Tierra’s center, San Juan; 9. group of Loíza’s Community residents grouped at community center. This exhaustive study contains nine (9) reports of each target group by seven (7) members of our team. In this way, it complies with paragraph 241 of the agreement between the United States Department of Justice, the Puerto Rico’s Police Department, and the Government of Puerto Rico. In addition, important qualitative data was attained to improve reform and enforce compliance with the agreement. The information collected and analyzed provides data necessary for the PRPD management and their Reform Office. Therefore, first-hand decisions can be performed with the knowledge gathered. The transcripts (appendixes) of the study will not be translated since most of the testimonies are already included in the nine independent narratives within the general report. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great effort. Richard Blanco-Peck, Ph.D. Principal investigator


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Blanco-Peck, Richard (2018): Qualitative Report on the Puerto Rico’s Police Department Sustainable Reform: The Feedback of Nine (9) Community Focus Groups in Puerto Rico (2017). Version: V0. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.