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Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank (MEMDB) on Economic Development in Europe

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Bell, Rudolph M.
  • Howell, Martha C.
  • Metz, Rainer
Publication Date
  • ZA:
    • Historical Studies Data
  • Abstract

    MEMDB (Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank) is an information data bank that contains data on medieval and early modern economic development in Europe from approx. 1200-1800. The collection and provision of data was realized in cooperation with three research offices at different European universities; University of Leiden (Prof. W.P. Blockmans), University of Leuven (Prof. E. van Cauwenberghe) and the central archive for empirical social research in Cologne (ZA-ZHSF, Prof. R. Metz). MEMDB consists of four big data sets which are independent from each other but can be combined to a whole “Master Data Set”. Content: - Currency Exchange Quotations by Peter Spufford: „Handbook of Medieval Exchange“, 1986. - Different price series by N.W. Posthumus: „Inquiry into History of Prices in Holland, Vol.1”, 1946. - Prices for grain and bread in Cologne by Dietrich Ebeling; Franz Irsigler: „Getreideumsatz, Getreide- und Brotpreise in Köln 1368-1797“, 1976/77 (2 volumes). - Fiat money values and gold and silver standards in Europe by Rainer Metz: „Geld, Währung und Preisentwicklung: Der Niederrheinraum im europäischen Vergleich 1350-1800“, Frankfurt/M. 1990. - Time series on prices, currencies and money rates for different European regions - Coin weights, coin rates and fiat money values in different cities form the Rhineland and Germany; - Fiat money systems of German and European cities. If there was data on gold and silver coins it is included in the currency system; - Weekly grain prices (average market price within a week) and weekly quantities on the Cologne grain market for different types of grain; calculated numbers for monthly and yearly values for grain and bread. This data bank implements a content based concept which gives the possibility to combine categorically comparable data in order to answer specific research questions.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1200 / 1800
Geographic Coverage
  • Europe
Collection Mode
  • Ebeling, Dietrich; Irsigler, Franz: Getreideumsatz, Getreide- und Brotpreise in Köln 1368-1797. Metz, Rainer: Geld, Währung und Preisentwicklung. Der Niederrheinraum im europäischen Vergleich: 1350-1800. Münzkurse, Rechengeldwerte und Gold/Silberverhältnisse in Europa. Posthumus, Nicolas W.: Inquiry into the History of Prices in Holland. Spufford, Peter: Handbook of Medieval Exchange. Royal Historical Society Guides & Handbooks, No. 13.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA8150 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Bell, Rudolph M.: The Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank. In: Metz, Rainer; Van Cauwenberghe, Eddy; van der Voort, Roel (eds.): Historical Information Systems, Leuven: Leuven University Press 1990. S. 67-76.
  • Bell, Rudolph M.; Cauwenberghe, Eddi van: The Medieval and Early Modern Databank in Europe and North America. In: Best, Heinrich et al. (eds.): Computers in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, München: K.G. Saur 1991, S. 92-96.
  • Nahr, Heinrich: MEMDB – Eine moderne Datenbank zur Verwaltung historischer Zeitreihen? Köln: ZA-ZHSF 1995.

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Bell, Rudolph M.; Howell, Martha C.; Metz, Rainer (2006): Informationsdatenbank zur mittelalterlichen und früh-neuzeitlichen Wirtschaftsentwicklung in Europa. Version: 1.0.0. GESIS Datenarchiv. Dataset.