Best practice by Ford? Automobile Construction and motorising till 1933

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  • Flik, Reiner (Universität Tübingen)
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    Germany fell short of the automobile introduction in comparison to the U.S.A. for a long time, despite its leading position in the development of the combustion engine and automotive technology. The author applies an explanation that is consistent market-based and ascribes differences in the demand to different costs and benefits of the automobile use. Determinants of automobile demand for example are settlement patterns, the income levels or the transport policy treats. Furthermore, the author describes the development of Germany’s passenger car industry until 1933. Main topics include the development of production and sales, the "American threat", the trade policy, rationalization and concentration of the German automotive industry and the importance of this sector for the armaments industry. The study includes comparative information on the number of motor vehicles and motor vehicle density for France, the UK, European and overseas countries. List of data-tables in the online-database HISTAT: - Foreign Trade of the United States with touring cars with European countries (1908-1918) - Average charge of a mid-size passenger vehicles by fuel taxes and Road tax per year - Monthly import of cars from the U.S. to Germany (1920-1939) - Costs of small cars (1906-1936) - Population and number of motor vehicles in France (1895-1939) - Population and number of motor vehicles in the United Kingdom (1900-1939) - Population and number of motor vehicles in Canada (1900-1939) - Population and number of motor vehicles in the United States (1895-1939) - Number of enterprises and employees in the German automotive industry (1901-1939) - Motor vehicle production in Germany, according to type of vehicle (1901-1939) - Global vehicle production and vehicle production of major industrial countries (1898-1939) - Motor vehicle tax revenue, monthly data (1924-1938) - Revenue from the road tax per year (1907/08-1937/38) - Road tax rate for passenger vehicles (1906-1928) - Motor vehicles in Germany by type of vehicle (1902-1939) - Motorcycle density in the United States and European countries (1920-1939) - Vehicle density overseas and in European countries (1900-1939) - Lorries stock in Germany by size classes (1902-1939) - Monthly exports of passenger cars from Germany (1920-1939) - Monthly import of cars to Germany (1920-1939) - Annual foreign trade with passenger cars (1901-1938) - Passenger car stock in Germany by size classes (1902-1939) Territory of investigation: German Empire in it’s respective borders, 1902 to 1939. Sources: 1) Archival sources: Records of the Association of Automotive Industry. Company archives : DaimlerChrysler AG and the Archive of Deutsche Bank. For the presentation of road transport policy during the Weimar Republic source stocks of the Federal Archives (BA) were evaluated - including files of the Reich Chancellery, the Reich Economics and the Reich Transport Ministry. 2) Printed sources on the history of the German motor transport sector: Periodicals of the industry and motorists´ associations, business press, industry directories and statistical sources. Evaluation of the publications of the Association of Automotive Industry and the journal of the German automotive engineering association. Statistics sources: Three surveys of the Reich Statistical Office: an inventory statistics from 1907, the production statistics from 1901 and a foreign trade statistics from the 1901th 3) Literature: Selected literature on German automotive history (largely corporate historical literature, for example, company histories, type books).
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  • 1902 / 1939
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  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
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  • ZA8156 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Flik, Rainer: Von Ford lernen? Automobilbau und Motorisierung bis 1933, Köln, 2001.

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