An operational (tier 3) tableau dashboard for use by two or more UC Health Medical Center revenue cycle teams focused on accounts (not claims)

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  • Felker, Christopher (UC San Diego)
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    UC medical centers struggle with insurance reimbursement. Sometimes the revenue stream is affected externally, internally or in combinations that are difficult to fathom. This work is an effort to understand this fiscal performance in ways that allow people to focus efforts on those areas likely to maximize returns. Equally important is an effort to provide views that prevent people from being distracted or overwhelmed with the hundreds of publicly reported measures that are available. This work accelerates the sharing of information and provides a scaffolding to further automate the collection of critical data elements as well as unify analytics across multiple teams. This dashboard employs a consistent visualization of critical measures. A brief glance at the dashboard allows a person to assess the state of 12 KPIs. The first set (of 6) are outward facing (corporate) focusing on payer behaviors. A second set (of 6) are inward facing focusing on the activities, composition and functioning of staff whose work is designed to 'move the needle' on the displayed results. The visuals consist of a number on each bar compared to a goal (the color based on performance against benchmark), over time (sparkline), and most recent (ball color at end of sparkline). From these views, a person can drill through to a linked dashboard to learn more (perhaps another Tableau dashboard that you recently built or even a dashboard on another platform so a person can provide additional context for any KPIs). We also link to reference material (perhaps an NQF measure specification or an internal wiki page) and provide a view of performance through the lens of a statistical process control chart SPC (where the signals for special cause variation are described).
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