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IQB Trends in Student Achievement 2016 (IQB-BT 2016)

Resource Type
Dataset : survey data, achievement test
  • Stanat, Petra
  • Schipolowski, Stefan
  • Rjosk, Camilla
  • Weirich, Sebastian
  • Mahler, Nicole
  • Kohrt, Pauline
  • Wittig, Julia
  • Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen; Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Other Title
  • IQB-BT 2016 (Subtitle)
Publication Date
  • Forschungsdatenzentrum (FDZ) am Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (IQB) / Research Data Centre (FDZ) at the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB) (Distributor)
Free Keywords
German Achievement; Mathematics Achievement; Germany; Grade 4; Surveys; German; Elementary Schools; Listing Comprehension; Cognitve Process; Achievement; Performance; Achievement Rating; National Assessment Study; Environment; Educational Environment; Competency Tests; Reading Comprehension; Mathematics; Spelling; Students; Language Proficiency; Testing; Comparative Testing; Principals; Trend; Educational Standards
  • Abstract

    In this study, the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB) - commissioned by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder (KMK) in the Federal Republic of Germany - investigated for the second time the school achievement of 4th-graders measured by the nationwide educational standards for primary education in the subjects of German and mathematics. A comparison with the results of the IQB National Assessment Study 2011 makes it possible to examine the extent to which the competence level of 4th-grade students has changed in the Länder over a period of five years. Approximately 30,000 4th grade students from over 1,500 schools participated in the IQB Trends in Student Achievement 2016. In each of the randomly selected schools, a class was also randomly selected to take part in the test. The data collection period ran from mid-May to mid-July 2016.

Temporal Coverage
  • 2016-05-15 / 2016-07-15
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
Sampled Universe
Students in grade 4

Probability Sample: Stratified Cluster Sample

Time Dimension
  • Longitudinal: Trend/Repeated cross-section
  • Research Design: Observational Design
Collection Mode
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
  • Educational measurements and tests
  • Measurements and Tests: Paper & Pencil
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CC0 1.0 Universal
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  • 1 (Type: VerbundFDB)
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    DOI: 10.5159/IQB_LV_2011_v3
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    DOI: 10.5159/IQB_LV_2011_v3
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Update Metadata: 2020-03-16 | Issue Number: 2 | Registration Date: 2019-09-30

Stanat, Petra; Schipolowski, Stefan; Rjosk, Camilla; Weirich, Sebastian; Mahler, Nicole et. al. (2019): IQB-Bildungstrend Primarstufe 2016 (IQB-BT 2016). IQB-BT 2016. Version: 1. IQB – Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen. Dataset.